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National ID Card Nepal Status, Over 49 Lakhs Applications!

National ID Card Nepal has taken the toll of over 49 lakhs applications so far. The government of Nepal initiated the program in 2076 B.S. Although online enrollment commenced earlier, people had to visit District Administration Office for biometrics verification. So, National ID registration moved towards wards of various districts with biometric verification for swifter operation.

National ID Card Nepal Status

As per the Department of National ID Card and Civil Registration, there are 49 Lakhs, 15 thousand, and 732 applications from Shrawan 31st, 2076 B.S. to Poush 19, 2078 B.S. But the department has only been able to provide the National ID Card to 86,228 people so far which is just 1.73%.

So far, the department has printed 1,14,804 cards while the expenditure has been around 2 Arba and 40 Crores. The Controller General of Accounts has suggested the department speed up both the printing and distribution process. It also stated about the National ID Card and E-Passport interlink, and the importance of meeting the demands on time.

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The government made it compulsory to obtain NIN (National Identity Number) to get an E-Passport due to which Kathmandu obtained a huge surge of applicants from various places. People seeking to go abroad felt easy to do so in the capital.

National ID Card Nepal NIN
NIN Messages by DONIDCR

Applicants can get the NIN after 3 weeks of application or it might take more time than that generally. Once verified by the Department, NIN is sent to the mobile number used for the registration. The number is very important and should be saved for future purposes as the distribution of NID will still take a long time.

The Department of Passports in Kathmandu is facing an immense crowd of applicants although E-Passports can be processed from all 77 districts. The growing inflation and employment rate have been interminably pushing citizens out of the country. The two-year-long Covid situation has also hauled the country’s economy and employment massively.

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About National ID Card Nepal

National ID Card (NID) is a federal-level identity card, equipped with a chip that contains the personal and biometric data of the person such as citizenship detail, photo, the fingerprint of ten fingers, the retina of both eyes, and a digital signature. As mentioned earlier, it also has a unique National Identity Number (NIN).

National ID Card Format
National ID Card Nepal Format

The department has also mentioned the chip’s ability to hold more information like school/college certificates, bank account details, etc. The citizenship might also get scrapped when the card is distributed all across the country. National ID Card Nepal will be used for national identity, voter’s card, and also as a social security card.

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The population of the country is estimated to reach 3 Crores soon. The department needs to distribute the cards speedily to meet the growing demands. The project is huge and carries significant importance in this digitized world. Plus, the government needs to secure the server tightly to prevent data breaches. The biometric and personal details are too sensitive to get tampered.

So that was all about National ID Card Nepal Status? Have you applied and got the NIN already? Those who haven’t applied can pre-enroll via or else, you can also visit District Administration Office or your local ward for inquiry.

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