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Verification of foreign employment demand letters online

From Shrawan 01 onwards, verification of demand letters for foreign employment will be processed through an online system.  Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Narayan Kaji Shrestha announced on Friday, Ashar 14, 2081 at a program.

According to this arrangement, the company seeking Nepali employees will have their applications verified online from Shrawan 01, 2081. The government expects the system to make its operations more effective and efficient.

The government is implementing this online verification system by adding it to the foreign employment information management system. Minister Shrestha said that the Nepali embassies in other countries where Nepali workers are in demand, including the Gulf countries and Malaysia, will have to do online verification of demand forms from Shrawan 01.

The minister also suggested that it would be better to test the new system as soon as possible to understand its workings.

The service was first started at the Nepali embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Why is it helpful?

The online verification process removes the troublesome and time-consuming offline application process. Now, the foreign employment-providing companies will apply online to respective Nepali embassies while demanding Nepali workers.

“The documents are then sent to the foreign employment department online, and the labor permits will be provided once applications are approved, Shrestha earlier said.

The online employment demand letter verification makes application access much easier allowing all the concerned sides to track their progress, and get information about the required process and documents. It also helps eliminate the need for middlemen which greatly minimizes the risk of scams.

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Foreign Minister Shrestha instructed all government agencies to compulsorily use online services including search and rescue of Nepali citizens in trouble, recovery of dead bodies, relief and compensation, and complaint handling.

This new initiation aligns with the government’s increased efforts at e-governance and digital transformation of its services. Let’s hope it works to plan and makes it easier for both employers and Nepali employees.

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