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Google Adds Support for Newari Language on Google Translate

Google has included (Nepalbhasha) Newari language translation service on Google Translate from late June 2024. This allows people to translate texts from other languages into their own Newari language or vice-versa. Nepalbhasha is also commonly known as the Newari language which is mostly spoken within the Kathmandu valley by its original inhabitants, Newars.

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is a multilingual translation service developed by Google. It is used to translate text, documents, and also websites from one language into another. Google Translate is available on a website interface, or in the form of a mobile application on Android and iOS.

Newari language is available on Google Translate

The idea of Nepalbhasha on Google Translate is not born out of the blue. There has always been a huge demand by Newari communities in Nepal for their mother tongue to feature on Google’s translation platform.

The activities had been lobbying for it for years and finally, Google has convinced itself for the initiation. They have also been demanding Google let them “contribute” to instilling a very authentic Newari tone and feel into the language and Google has certainly bought into it.

  1. Go to this Google Translate
  2. Choose language from the up and down arrows
  3. Enter a word to see its meaning in your chosen language
Choosing the Newari language (Nepalbhasha) language on Google translate
Newari language translation on Google translate
Google translates a Newari “greeting” word into Nepali

However, Google Translate is also available on mobile platforms. You can download the app on Android and iOS devices. Once it is downloaded on your device, you can head over to the app and also download languages separately to diversify the language list as per your requirements.

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Newari language speakers are jovial

After the Newari language is added to Google Translate, Newari communities have joyfully welcomed Google’s move. The activities believe that it promotes and helps conserve the Newari language and its cultural ethos.

Besides, Google Translate also helps other language speakers to translate words into Newari to better understand the language. If you ever run into a communication hurdle, Google Translate will be there for you.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you are suggested to visit Google Translate and try translating the Newari language into Nepali, English, or vice versa.

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What do you think of this news? Nepalbhasha is a regional language of Nepal spoken by the politically classified “Aadibasi” Newars originally inhabiting the capital. It is certainly a matter of privilege for all that one of our regional languages will feature on the Google Translate service. What are your reservations about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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