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Ranjana Unicode Font launched: Find links to download

Nepal Bhasa (Newari)’s Nithya Ranjana Unicode Font has been launched. It was launched at a program at Nepal Art Council in Kathmandu on Saturday, (March 16, 2024). Considered an original Nepali origin script, the Nithya Ranjana Unicode font was inaugurated by Sunita Dangol by typing “Shree Ganesha Namah,” Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Below, you will find links on how to download Ranjana Unicode font for both computers and mobile devices.

Callijatra Foundation and Ek Type developed the Nithya Ranjana Unicode font. Ranjana font is popular for its artistic design. It’s now available in the Unicode version. Callijatra Foundation Chairman Anand Kumar Maharjan expressed the need to conserve and promote original scripts in the current times of the digital age and to address that he said that the Ranjana Unicode Font has been developed. He also shared that it was designed in cooperation with an Indian company “Ek Type” which specializes in typing.

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About Ranjana Unicode Font

It’s a well-articulated font. It can be used in printing and web versions too. It’s expected that the availability of the script in Unicode will eliminate the instances of its incorrect use. It’s also said that the Ranjana Unicode Font will benefit the Newari community, Bauddha community, schools & colleges, designers, painters, artists, etc. Ranjana script carries Nepali tradition and originality. Due to the growing use of English Unicode and other fonts, it’s suffered from “Westernization”, however, adopting digital initiatives such as this will surely help it stay as relevant as ever.   

How to download Ranjana Unicode font?

Ranjana Unicode Font is available in both Devanagari and Newa Unicode for free. You can download the Nithya Ranjana Font from this link on a GitHub page. After downloading the font, double-click on it and install it on your computer.

Nitya Ranjana font download

Likewise, the font is also available on a mobile app. Click here (Android) to download the app to start typing words in the iconic Ranjana font on mobile phones. You can then share your status on Facebook, X, Insta, and other social networks in the artistic-looking Ranjana font.

But do keep a note that only Nepali texts can be converted into the Nithya Ranjana font on Windows.

Ranjana script originated between 8-11th centuries and has been used to write in Sanskrit and Nepal Bhasa (Newari). The Unicode font is expected to conserve and preserve it while also increasing its usage.

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