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National Identity Card compulsory for new bank accounts, SIM

Soon, you will need to have your National Identity Card (NID) for common services such as opening a new bank account or buying a new SIM card. The government made the decision as per the regulation in sections 3 and 10 of the National Identity Card and Registration Act, 2076.

If you thought the federally distributed documents were less necessary, things are changing for sure. Releasing a notice on Nepal Gazzette (Nepal Rajpatra) on Ashar 10, 2081, the government of Nepal said that National ID cards will become mandatory to open a new bank account, new SIM card, and other essential services. The ruling comes into effect from Magh 01, 2081.

NID Card for bank account SIM card

The ruling comes as the government ups its efforts for NID card implementation. The smart chip-embedded cards carry the biometric data of the users and are carried forward to replace citizenship in the future.

While its implementation has taken more time than the government expected, it’s gradually making the cards necessary and mandatory for the citizens for various services.

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You must have a National Identity Card or a number to open a bank account

In its notice in the Nepali Gazette, the government stated that citizens would require a National Identity Card for various public services. The services include opening a new bank account, buying a new SIM card or telephone services, social security fund, and activities regarding the selling and buying of property.

Nepal Rastra Bank
From Magh 01, 2081 onwards, National ID cards or numbers will be mandatory for opening new bank accounts, SIM card purchases, etc. | Image for representation

The notice states that to get any public services that are provided by private or government entities, a National Identity Card (NID) will be required in place of their citizenship. If the physical NID card is not available, then the citizens can also make do with just the unique NID number.

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Will it make life difficult for the public?

The ruling has its share of pros and cons. As of now, not every eligible citizen has a National ID card nor have they applied for it. The government has made it easy to apply for National Identity cards, not many are connected or familiar with electronic processes. There are still those who are criticizing the need to have more than one federal identity card.

However, having a NID card number tagged to a bank account or SIM could remarkably improve security and help curb cybercrimes. SIM swapping and banking scams are almost rampant currently and current provisions may need some reshuffle to address them. At this, NID card verification could help contain such anti-social behaviors.

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What’s more important is that the government must make the process to get a National ID card more convenient. Citizens need to go to their district administration office from where they received their citizenship to obtain their NID card. This is not readily convenient for those living far away due to the difficulty in transport and the time it takes. That could improve.

By the way, how do you view the government making National Identity Card mandatory for bank accounts or buying SIM and other public services? Is it for the public good or just to add a burden? Drop your honest opinion in the comment section below.   

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