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Bank of Kathmandu starts depositing Clearing Cheques from a machine

Bank of Kathmandu has inaugurated a service that allows customers to deposit clearing cheques from a machine. The bank has installed a kiosk machine that lets customers clear cheques drawn for payment from other banks and financial institutions (B/FIs).

The bank says its newly started digital service allows customers to easily deposit cheques onto the machine without a hassle.

With the service, customers can directly deposit their clearing cheques from the machine without having to fill up any vouchers. The service will now be faster and more efficient.

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How can Bank of Kathmandu customers start clearing cheques from a machine?

The bank says its customers can scan the depositing cheques after entering the details such as the account number, amount, date of cheque issue, contact number of the person who comes to deposit the cheque and clearing session, etc.

After depositing the cheques, the bank says, that customers will receive a voucher issued by the machine to authenticate the transaction.

At the moment, the bank has started the service at its main branch office in Kamaladi, Kathmandu. But there are plans to extend the services to all the branches across the country in the near future.

The bank believes that the clearing cheque deposits service through the machine will rid the customers of having to queue up at the bank’s counter to physically fill the vouchers to deposit the checks.

Bank of Kathmandu is one of the leading commercial private banks in Nepal. Currently, it serves its customers around the country through its 104 branches, 94 ATM outlets, and 10 extension counters.

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Use of machines growing in Nepal’s banking sector

Various banks in Nepal have started using machines to provide digital banking services. Nabil Bank has used Nabil cash machines allowing customers to both withdraw and deposit cash. NIC Asia Bank has deposit machines allowing customers to deposit cash directly via the machine. The number of such banks is growing very fast in recent months.

The trend of integrating machine systems is growing in Nepal which could also serve to improve financial inclusion in the near future.

What do you think of banks bringing machines into use to provide faster and more efficient services in Nepal? Do write your opinions in the comments section below.

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