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Nabil Cash Machine: Allows Both Cash Withdrawal And Deposit

Nabil bank has launched the Nabil Cash Machine that allows its customers to both withdraw and deposit cash. The unique feature will be one of the highlights of modern and advanced banking in Nepal.

Traditionally, an ATM only offers cash withdrawal of a certain amount. However, Nabil bank’s cash machine will also allow cash deposits. The bank has already set up the facility at Tindhara and Pulchowk branches in its first phase.

Nabil Cash Machine: More Detail

The bank says customers can deposit Rs.99,900 at once to their current or saving accounts via the ATM machines. In addition, customers can also pay their credit card bills. Stay informed that these ATMs will only recognize the denominations of Rs. 1,000, 500, and 100.

Nabil Bank is Nepal’s one of the leading commercial banks. It is currently serving nationwide through 135 branches. It has 184 ATMs, and over 1,500 Remit Agents to provide banking services.

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The Cash Machine will be another unique addition to Nabil that will spare customers an extra walk to the bank for cash deposits. However, Everest Bank also has such service since 2012. The feature might also become a trendsetter in the coming days among the banks in the country.

Do you think Nabil’s Cash Machines will add a unique value and convenience to your banking services? Share your input with us below in the comments.

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