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NIC Asia Bank launches Master Card Issuance service, benefit

NIC Asia Bank has inaugurated the Master Card Issuance service at a special program hosted in Pokhara on Sunday, June 30, 2024. The bank partnered with international payment card service provider Master Card.

The bank says that the service makes the payment system more efficient and seamless.

The Master Card service could be used as a debit card. According to the bank, it can be acquired at all the branches of the bank across Nepal.  

The Master Card service is fortified with advanced security measures and contactless technology.

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How is it useful?

With the Master Card service, NIC Asia Bank customers can withdraw cash at ATMs in Nepal, India, and Bhutan. Additionally, it allows PoS and eCommerce payments with Master Debit and Credit cards.

Driven by the motif to establish itself as a Digital First bank, NIC Asia Bank says that its cooperation with Master Card will uplift Nepal’s banking sector.

In terms of being a card banking service provider, NIC Asia Bank leads among the commercial banks. Till now, it was already providing Visa card services.

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The bank operates through over 360 branches, 670 ATM outlets, and 51 branchless banking across Nepal.

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