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Prakash Saput’s Damai Maharaj trending #1 on YouTube, 2 million views already

Prakash Saput’s latest song Damai Maharaj currently trending at number 1 on YouTube. As of writing this post, the song has received 2 million views. The song was released on July 21, 2023, on the channel named Prakash Saput, the singer’s official YouTube channel.

Likewise, the song has received over 14 thousand comments, a further testament to the song’s instant popularity.

The song Damai Maharaj juxtaposes the religion and caste system prevalent in Nepal and seeks to defy discrimination. In the music video, the Galbandi singer is seen taking up a role of a Hindu preacher who is forced to talk about his caste and promote equality at the end after being found about his original “roots”.

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Through his music, Saput often manifests social malpractices. His previous song “Sakambari (Phoolmaya)” was a reflection of how women are pushed towards prostitution in the face of severe poverty putting relationships and honor in line. Sakambari received 10 million views in 7 days, a record on the video-sharing platform for a Nepali artist.

Regarding the latest release, Saput wrote in the comments, “Galbandi and Bola Maya’s stories have ended. But while the story has ended, their pain has not.” He then pledges viewers to raise their voices from their places against the struggles, and ill practices. The singer said that he is in the same battle with his creative endeavors.

You can watch Damai Maharaj here.

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