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Nepal Government to Allow Company Registration Online and For Free

The government has now allowed company registration online. The meeting held on July 19 of the Council of Ministers decided to release a notice regarding online company registration, charges and discounts on the capital increase, etc., the Minister of Communication, Information and Technology (MoCIT) and the government’s spokesperson Rekha Sharma shared.

As per the decision, company registration, and increase of capital charges will now be free.

This decision will allow company registration, capital increase charge and discounts, and company revocation online free of cost. The decision aligns with the government’s policy unveiled earlier. In his budget speech, Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat had talked of online company registration. Soon, it will come into effect.

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“It has been decided to issue a new notice regarding company registration, fee for increasing capital, and concession,” Minister Sharma said.

Likewise, the Office of The Company Registrar is updating its software for electronic company registration and capital increase.  

In the meantime, the Registrar Office has released a notice stating that the new policy of free company registration will come into operation soon and mentioned that the process registration can proceeexisting fees

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