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Exchange any brand vehicle with Nexon EV, Tata Motors Magic Monsoon

You can exchange any brand vehicle with Nexon EV electric vehicle. The offer comes with the Tata Motors Magic Monsoon which is available from Shrawan 08 Monday all Nepal.

The automaker says that the offer has been brought to capitalize on the growing popularity of electric vehicles in Nepal. More Nepali consumers are attracted to eco-friendly alternatives. This reflects in the increasing number of imports by each quarter. The ability to convert fuel-based to power-based vehicles has added more appeal among the masses. Tata Motors Nepal expects to cash in on this EV trend.

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Pollution-fee, low maintenance costs, and easier-to-ride have made more people exchange their old fuel-run cars with EVs. “Due to this request and demand, we launched the Monsoon Magic exchange camp,” Tata Motors Nepal said.  

Under this campaign, customers can exchange vehicles from any brand with a Nexon EV. Additionally, the offer includes financing service, consultation with an expert, free accessories, etc.

Tata Motors Magic Monsoon Exchange offer is available from Magic Sipradi and Sipradi-operated showrooms all over Nepal.

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