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Print Your House/Land Map Online on Mero Kitta

Department of Survey has begun a digital initiative called Mero Kitta that will enable Nepali citizens to view and print their house/land map online. Besides this, Nepal Government also launched the Nepal Land Information System (NeLIS) which will carry a database of all the surveys of land across the country.

The users of the platforms will also be able to view or print the maps of their properties online. This novel approach was launched last Thursday.

The policy is launched in midst of the government’s Digital Nepal Framework which is even more contextual in the midst of the COVID-19 measures.

The Department of Survey will first avail the public of this service via survey offices inside the capital and later facilitate countrywide in a near future.

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About NeLIS and Mero Kitta

The government has launched both these platforms to facilitate online services related to house/land properties. But there are some differences between the two. Let’s find out what they stand for.

NeLIS, an abbreviation for Nepal Land Information System. It is central database storage that holds all the data related to lands within the country. This data is used by government authorities for tax works on each survey body in the country. NeLIS is continuously updated with measurement for optimum precision regarding land works.

Mero Kitta is another platform that will allow the public to acquire services related to land. They can avail of the services such as viewing their property map and printing them. They can also ask for Plot Register Print as well as FieldBook Print.

The users of this digital medium can also pay their property related taxes online.

How To Get Digital Naksha/Map Online?

If you have access to the internet and want to perform digital transactions on your property, you can visit Merokitta and log in and avail of the said services digitally.

The good thing, however, is that you would not need any user name and password to log in. You can update your name, contact number, the number assigned on the land owner’s document on the portal for your verification.

If the details you have provided on the portal are verified by the Department of Survey, it will send you a notification on your contact number for confirmation. After this, you will be qualified to get the services online.

Following your complete verification, you will now be able to view or watch your house/land map online and also pay your property-related taxes online on Financial Comptroller General Office‘s portal.

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The More Digital The Better

In succession, Nepal Government and its various agencies have ported their services online and have also brought new services to simplify their services and make them more convenient. We as citizens can certainly breathe a sigh of relief that we can avail of government services at home within a few clicks instead of having to physically be present at concerned offices. Especially at dire times such as these, such digital services are a big boon for us.

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Going digital is even more important for Nepal and Nepalese because of its geographical complexities and the nature of service that has proved to be so hectic experience for the public. Rendering government services online would spare people hours of travel from their residence and stay in long queues for hours for just a few minutes of work.

What do you think of this news? How useful this digital service would be for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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