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Nagarik App Launches: Government Services for Public Simplified

The government of Nepal has launched the Nagarik app to deliver public services online. As expected, this app will make government services efficient and improve delivery. Find out about the availability, its sign-up steps, and services below.

Yesterday Nepali internet community went into waves of excitement. A deluge of people couldn’t help themselves but share the screenshots of their authorized account on Nagarik App social media. They were enthused at the fact that some of the most time-consuming or centralized services in Nepal were now available online through the app.

Acquire Your Government Services at Home Through the Nagarik App

The app launch was met with further spirit as Hon. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli also spoke highly of the app’s objectives. The PM believed the app will spare the public with long queues or even wait for months to acquire government services.

He also related that the service was finally launched after work of three years and that it was an important project for the government. The PM’s acknowledgment of the app is available on his official TikTok handle.

Availability of Nagarik App for Installation

The app was launched yesterday for the public which is currently in the Beta phase. So you can obviously find some errors in the mobile app. Now Android smartphone users can download the app on the Play store while iPhone users will get the app on iTunes.

How to Use Nagarik App

Using this app is rather easy. Your prerequisites are a smartphone, a phone number and an internet connection. Below is the break down of steps to sign up for this app with images.

  • First go to your Apps Store.
  • Search for Nagarik App.
  • Download and launch the app.
  • At first, it will ask you to input your phone number, put it.
  • Then you will receive a six digits verification number.
  • Copy the code and paste it.
  • Now depending on which document you have, choose one as you can see in the screenshot below.
  • In case you choose Citizenship, then you will have to fill up your details. If it is verified, then you are signed up for the program.
  • Next, after you have successfully sign up, you can enjoy the services online.

Services in Nagarik App

The integrated service will include a wide range of services including essentials such as passport, national ID registration, PAN card, education certificates, etc. Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Parbat Gurung added that the app is in beta version, so the app still is in want of improvement. Below is the compiled list of some important services the app will offer.

  • PAN Card Registration
  • Social Security Fund (Samajik Surakshya Kosh)
  • Local Government Information (Like Nagarpalika, Gaupalika)
  • Educational Documents
  • Nagarik Lagani Kosh (Citizen Investment Trust)
  • Sanchaya Kosh (Employees Provident Fund)
  • Company Registration
  • Passport (MRP)

Problems in Nagarik App

While the Nagarik app created a huge buzz around social media, many also came forward with complaints that they were not able to sign up. However, the problems seemed to persist among those with unverified phone numbers or while choosing citizenship as their document. Apparently, the success rate with Voter Card or Passport was found to be higher.

The Ambitious Objective

Public service has been a hugely scrutinized and maligned aspect of the Nepal government. There are always complaints about the complacency and lack of working ethics on the government officials’ end. The app is, however, expected to correct most of those issues and facilitate the public in acquiring those services within some clicks. Therefore, it is safe to say that the excitement over the launch of the app is justified.

As of now, the app seems to be the boon for common public in Nepal who hare having to walk or travel miles to get their official works done. It will not only save their time, but also the stress. No doubt the government is treating this app as one of its pride project.

Another Milestone towards Digital Nepal

Nepal’s government has embraced digitizing services with open arms. From Corporate pay to Online Traffic fines payment in recent days to this integrated service app, the government has shown a keen interest in leapfrogging the traditional service practices and base it on real-time cloud and online basis.

These changes will bring monumental changes in normal people’s lives as they will be able to tend to their government duties and also receive services online.

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Meanwhile, you can find more information regarding the Nagarik App on its dedicated portal.

Have you tried the app yet? If you have then, share your experience down in the comments section.

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