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Now you can shop online on Hamro Patro via the in-app Hamro Mart eCommerce platform

Hamro Patro Inc. has now added the Hamro Mart online shopping platform to the popular Hamro Patro app. This formally marks the entry of the company into the eCommerce scene in Nepal. On the occasion, there are some hefty discount offers for the first customers on purchases.

Hamro Mart is designed to cater to various shopping needs of customers who want to buy online conveniently via their smartphone. While the trend is rather mainstream already, users can place orders from their existing Hamro Patro app.

Sharing the news on LinkedIn, Hamro Patro Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shankar Uprety said that Hamro Mart is designed to “empower thousands of sellers and merchants across Nepal. Going forward, he said that the end purpose is “to make a wide array of products more accessible and affordable for millions of Hamro Patro users.”

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Hamro Mart will have competition but credit where it’s due

Hamro Mart will now compete in the industry with giants such as Daraz and other top online shopping sites in Nepal. Recently, there has been news circulating about the closure of Sastodeal.com being unable to sustain itself due to the heavy competition. However, there are credits due to Hamro Patro for its eCommerce venture. For the start, this eCommerce site runs on Nepalis-made software. According to Uprety, it’s the result of months from its dedicated team of engineers, QR specialists, product managers, and leadership team. He adds that not only that Hamro Mart scalable, but is also flexible to accommodate needs in the future.

Hamro Mart web
Hamro Mart on the web

Already, the Hamro Mart houses a range of products with up to 70% discounts on the occasion of the New Year 20881. You can place orders on the latest flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, buy popular books such as Atomic Habits, and IKIGAI, and clothes from popular brands, and many electronics. Uprety says that the Mart will continue adding new product lineups and onboarding diverse sellers.

Apart from being on Nepali-made software, Hamro Mart is also equipped with several innovative technologies. Uprety shares that the company’s tech team is adding new features consistently such as promotion engines, chat functionalities, price negotiations, etc. It will also get a product description generator backed by generative AI. Recently, Hamro Patro started using the Large Language Model (LLM) to deliver personalized news items. This will translate also to Hamro Mart.

Hamro Mart engineers
For months, a team of dedicated Hamro Patro engineers worked on Hamro Mart and built it as the only eCommerce to run on Nepalese-made software

Being an ion-app platform means, Hamro Mart is just like Hamro Pay, a digital wallet service found within the main Hamro Patro app.

Hamro Mart is available on the web and mobile

Hamro Mart mobile app
Hamro Mart mobile app

Hamro Mart is available on mobile and web platforms. To access the platform on the web, you need to go here, or you can simply download the Hamro Patro app and tap on Hamro Mart under “Our Services” to get to its interface. As it’s an in-app platform, you won’t need to download and install a separate app on your phone.

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