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F1Soft launches ride-sharing platform with “JumJum” app: Find its top features

Digital wallet service provider eSewa’s parent company F1Soft Group has launched the JumJum ride-sharing app. The entry of the fintech giant into a new industry will diversify its business scope while enriching its public accessibility.

The platform called JumJum was soft-launched over a month back and was serving in the main spots in Kathmandu. The company F1Soft has procured the required technology for the service from Sri Lanka’s popular ride-hailing platform PickMe but it will be completely owned and operated as a Nepali entity.

Company’s director Subash Sharma said that JumJum is currently testing its ride-sharing service with 100 riders. In the first phase, the service has been made available in Thamel, Baneshwor, Ring Road, etc. The company will soon expand its coverage.

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Features of JumJum app

JumJum ride-sharing app comes with some appealing features to draw the drivers and riders on board. F1Soft has provisioned life insurance claims of up to Rs 5 lakh and riders can claim a bonus after a certain range of trips has been completed. Here are some of the major features of the Jum Jum ride-sharing platform:

  • Insurance: The JumJum ride-sharing app offers up to Rs 50,000 for health insurance and up to Rs 5 lakh in life insurance. F1Soft Group has reached an agreement with Neco Insurance for the facility. Insurance is activated after a trip is accepted. The company says that with insurance provisions, riders, and drivers can get on with the service with peace of mind.
  • Bonus and tips for drivers: One appealing feature that the JumJum ride-sharing app lets riders offer drivers tips for the drivers. The JumJum app has a Tips feature using which they can offer their desired amount in tips for a satisfactory commute. The company says that it won’t claim any commission on tips the drivers receive. Additionally, drivers will also be entitled to a bonus after completing a certain range of trips.
  • Rewards: The Jum Jum app users get rewards that can be used to receive benefits. The company will launch fascinating schemes and offers when the service launches officially.
  • Multiple ride-booking: The JumJum app offers value differentiation in providing the not-so-common multiple ride-booking feature. The feature lets users book more rides at the same time enabling them to also book a ride for their family and friends. Besides, the app allows users to book both one-way and return trips.

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The JumJum app is available on both Android and Apple iOS platforms. Check out the download link below and get the app.

JumJum app: Android | iOS

Jum Jum ride-sharing service might give a hard time to Pathao, InDrive, and others

F1Soft’s plan for a ride-sharing service might prove challenging for industry leaders such as Pathao, InDrive, etc. Nepal is already crowded with many ride-sharing apps, and a prominent company such as F1Soft venturing into the market could further intensify the competition. Particularly given the fact that its digital wallet has about 8 million users, presumably the users will have easier access to its ride-sharing platform. As digital wallet service faces a crunch, this might be the company’s idea to create a synergistic approach to keep customers intact. Check out: The Ride-Sharing Service “eDrive Nepal” Launched with electric vehicles

Pathao has a Chhito Paisa digital wallet app which it uses for commission payment and there is a plan to heavily market it in the next few months. While InDrive has a controversial status mainly due to being unregistered, it’s an elite ride-sharing platform and could be bemused by eSewa’s diversification plans. In Nepal, ride-sharing apps provide ride-sharing as well as parcel, courier, and other services. Also recommended: Ride-sharing recognized as an industry, a much-needed leap

Do you think F1soft’s diverse profile of services prop up the JumJum app’s wide adoption? Or do you think the ride-hailing service is becoming overtly crowded? Do leave your opinion in the comments below.

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