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NIC Asia Capital starts online Video KYC verification service

NIC Asia Capital has started an online video KYC (VKYC) verification service. This enables NIC’s Demat account holders to authenticate their identities online without having to be physically present at the bank.

NIC says that the online VKYC verification will provide its services in a straightforward, convenient, and efficient manner. It’s part of the institution to provide services electronically and online.

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How can NIC Asia Capital customers verify Demat accounts online?

NIC Asia Capital says that with its online VKYC service implementation, Demat account holders from abroad can verify themselves at their convenience. Demat account holders inside Nepal and abroad who are not yet verified can click the link in their registered mail and fill in the details for VKYC. However, the details entered during the account creation and during the VKYC must be matched for the verification.

In case the link is not received in the registered email, NIC says that its customers can contact 9847345099, 9847345107, and 9848865223.

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