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Hamro Patro starts using AI to deliver personalized news content

Hamro Patro has started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to curate news content to its users with a feature called News Bulletin. The company expects this to help deliver relevant and personalized news to the readers and keep them on top of the list.

Writing a post on LinkedIn, Hamro Patro chairman Rudra Pandey shared that the Hamro Patro app has integrated the use of AI in “news screening”. He said that the News Bulletin introduced uses AI to bring “most popular news in a structured manner to its readers.” Ever adding new and innovative features, the company expects that the inclusion of AI will enable newspapers and magazines to figure out what type of news readers are interested in most.

Likewise, readers won’t have to search for popular news themselves as their preferred type of news is placed strategically on top. “This makes it easy for newspapers and magazines to understand what kind of news the readers are interested in, and readers do not have to search for popular news themselves,” Pandey said in his LinkedIn post.

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Hamro Patro AI news interface and features

Pandey has also shared a screenshot of what the AI-powered Hamro Patro interface looks like. The new interface though shall be available only after an update which as of writing this post is not available on my phone yet. Anyway, after the update to the Hamro Patro app, the News Bulletin section will appear with a resemblance to Facebook and Instagram stories. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can easily notice the news source for the news listed.

Hamro Patro AI news
Image from: Hamro Patro chairman Rudra Pandey on LinkedIn

Upon tapping the news item, the title of the news and main content will appear to the reader with sources being visible at last. By tapping on the news source, users can go to the news outlet and read the content.

Earlier, Hamro Patro CEO Shankar Uprety provided insights into the News Bulletin feature. He shared that the AI utilizes a Large Language Model (LLM) to bring “the most engaging content” and relevant and informative news. As is now evident, he said that the news would be shown in the app in a “user-friendly story format.” Adding further, he said, “We are thrilled about the possibilities of AI and LLMs in personalizing news content for our users. We’re actively exploring these technologies and have exciting plans in the works.”

The AI news update for Hamro Patro is not yet available but should be pretty soon. We will update this page with more information when the update is available.

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Hamro Patro is working religiously on leveraging AI and vector databases to bring personalized content to the readers. This enables the company to categorize news articles, summarize them in English and Nepali, and bring them in a story format on its app.

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