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eSewa celebrates its 14th anniversary, find all the offers

Leading digital wallet eSewa is celebrating its 14th anniversary today, Wednesday January 25, 2023, and has brought a huge range of offers to its users to mark yet another successful year for the prominent company. Licensed as a payment service provider, eSewa burst onto the mobile payment scene in 2009 and gradually evolved into Nepal’s largest mobile payment gateway. The company has now entered into its 15th year of service with another glorious year.

On the occasion, the company thanked its users for their unwavering support and trust for all these years. It said that in the beginning, it had only 4 members which have now increased to over 390 employees. As per the company, eSewa records an average of 5 lakh daily transactions.

2022 was another year of eSewa milestones: Over 5 million app installs, and over 7 million users

The company says that so far, it achieved some remarkable milestones. In 2022, the eSewa app hit over 5 million installs, then grew an over 7 million user base. Likewise, it launched eSewa Hotels which provides an online hotel booking service. 233 merchants were brought onto boards during its “Sathi Pani Saajhedaar pani” campaign which was initiated to help startups with free integration.

The wallet also witnessed almost a 40% increase in international flight tickets in 2022. Among its other achievements remain NEA bill payments reaching over 11 lakhs each month. To date, eSewa has 50 banks, 483 cooperatives, and 37 microfinance institutions in its electronic payment network so far.  

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eSewa 14th anniversary offers (9 am – 4 pm)

Find all the eSewa 14th anniversary offers. Also, remember that to participate in the offers, you need to meet certain criteria.

With the bank account link hour offer, you can win a flat Rs 140 cashback if you link your bank account via the app. The offer applies to users who link their bank account for the first time.

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2. Diamond Hour (10 am – 11 am)

Likewise, you can redeem 1 Reward Point for Shree Balaji Diamond Nose Pin. 7 lucky winners can earn the benefit with this offer. The offer is applicable to both eSewa users and agents. It requires transactions of above Rs 100 to be eligible for the lucky draw within the hour.

3. Movie Hour (11 am -12 pm)

With eSewa celebrating its 14th anniversary, you can jump into the occasion and buy QFX movie tickets to elevate your entertainment with movies. You can earn for QFX movie ticket for 200 Reward Points. There are a total of 100 tickets to be had. But remember that the tickets can only be used on weekdays and within February 20th, 2023. The offer is valid for the first 100 customers only.

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4. Hotel Stay offer (12 pm – 1 pm)

Among the 14th anniversary offers from eSewa, there is a Hotel Stay Offer to grab, which is ideal if you are planning on staying at a hotel soon. You can get a stay at several posh hotels with the offer. Find the list of hotels and stay details.

eSewa 14th Anniversary Hotel Stay offerBenefits
Himalaya Drishya Resort1 room
Aagantuk Resort1 room
Club Himalayan1 room
Hotel Country Villa1 room
Raniban Retreat3 rooms
Aloft Kathmandu Thamel-Dinner PackageDinner package for a couple
Mystic Mountain1 room
Park Village2 rooms
Rupakot Resort1 room
Hotel Siraichuli1 room
eSewa 14th anniversary offers “Hotel Stay”

The Hotel Stay offer is valid for both eSewa users and agents. Users must redeem the 14 Reward Points to cash in on the hotel stay offer. To be eligible, users must perform transactions of above Rs 100. Winners are selected via a lucky draw within an hour. The stay includes breakfast and other benefits.

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5. Voucher Mela (1 pm – 2 pm)

Voucher Mela gets you a chance to visit a saloon, clinic, food chain, etc. Find more details.

  • The Next Level Saloon: Where you will get a Hydra Facial for 2000 Reward Points. 3 lucky winners will get a chance to earn the benefit.
  • Aavaran Skin & Hair Clinic: Similarly, 3 lucky winners will get Hydra Facial for 2000 Reward Points.
  • At KKFC, you will earn free Fries and a drink – 
    • Worth Rs. 340 for 500 Reward Points
    • Minimum spend Rs. 500
  • You will also get an extra Food Voucher of Rs. 500 for 1000 Reward Points –
    • Minimum spend Rs. 2000
  • Another Extra Food Voucher of Rs. 1000 for 1500 Reward Points –
    • Minimum spend Rs. 3000
  • Khaanpin
    • With the offer, you get a voucher worth NRs. 100 for 50 Reward Points
    • Voucher worth NRs. 200 for 100 Reward Points
  • Remax
    • Cash Vouchers:
    • Cash Voucher NRs. 100 (10 vouchers) 
    • Cash Voucher NRs. 250 (10 vouchers) 
    • Cash Voucher NRs. 500 (10 vouchers) 
  • Your Koseli Celebrations: 
    • 100 Reward Points for 1 cake (7 in total). Remember that the customers will have to pay for the delivery charge.
  • Mamaearth
    • Rs. 150 off on the purchase of Mamaearth Products worth Rs. 1000 for 300 Reward Points
    • Rs. 200 off on the purchase of Mamaearth Products worth Rs. 1200 for 400 Reward Points
    • Rs. 300 off on the purchase of Mamaearth Products worth Rs. 1500 for 600 Reward Points

6. 14% Cashback Hour (2 pm – 3 pm)

You can earn 14% cashback on top-ups, airlines ticket, ISP/TV, and NEA payment. The 14% cashback translates to up to Rs 140 in amount. Use the promo code: esewa14 to enjoy the offer.

7. Mero Share Offer (3 pm – 4 pm)

With the Mero Share offer, you can earn 100% cashback (up to Rs 50) on the annual renewal of Mero Share within the hour.

You can stand a chance to win offers from the eSewa 14th anniversary by performing the steps via the eSewa app.

Download eSewa app: Android | iOS

For more information on the offer, and on eSewa services, you can drop a comment below.

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