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F1 Soft Bankers’ Meetup 2023 held, focus on mobile banking and tech

Fintech giant F1 Soft International Pvt Ltd has hosted its F1 Soft Bankers Meetup 2023, its annual event at the Yak & Yeti Hotel in Kathmandu with a focus on mobile banking and other technologies in use in Nepal among other topics.

The program involved a discussion of the vision and the technologies it has produced in recent days. Leading high-profile figures from the banking and financing sectors attended the event.  

From F1 Soft International, ideas on the latest technologies, user development, trust in mobile banking, and how people are using mobile banking were discussed. The effects of digital micro-credit and lending (phone loan service) were discussed. The program stressed the use of mobile banking in Nepal and discussed how to make it more effective and enrich it with more facilities.

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During the event, Biswas Dhakal, Chairman of F1 Soft International highlighted the importance of the event. He said, “Bankers Meetup is one of the most important events we organize. It is a pleasure to discuss ideas on how to guide the direction F1 Soft is taking at the event. The trust and support we have received from the banking sector are very important to us. The event gives us more encouragement and we are looking forward to more suggestions from partners.”

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F1 Soft International is a leading fintech company in Nepal providing services for digital payment services for banks and financial institutions. It has played a key role in revolutionizing electronic payment and helped proliferate the idea of Digital Nepal’s goals.

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