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How To Link Your Bank Account To eSewa?

If you have no idea how to link your bank account to eSewa, then here are some instructions to do so. Linking your bank account to eSewa is easy and useful to make secure monetary transactions daily. 

eSewa, Nepal’s first online payment gateway, provides various online payment services to its customers. One of them is loading and sending money to and from your bank account. Let’s find out more about linking your bank account to an esewa wallet. 

Advantages of linking a bank account to eSewa

Linking bank account is a free service by eSewa by which you can link your esewa account to the bank account in which you have enabled internet banking or mobile banking service. So why should you link your bank account to eSewa? Here are some reasons: 

1) Linking your bank account to your eSewa wallet allows you to transfer money to and from bank to eSewa in a few seconds. 

2) You don’t have to go to the bank physically to deposit or withdraw cash. So, it promotes cashless transactions. 

3) It is a secure means to perform digital transactions from home. 

4) eSewa users can load money via mobile banking, internet banking, card, counter deposit, and cash point. Linking a bank account is a one-time process so, once you connect the accounts, your transactions become quick and save you lots of time. 

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Here is a step by step instructions to connect your eSewa account with your bank account: 

1) Log in to your esewa account. If you haven’t signed up, first sign up and then log in. 

2) Click on the Load Money icon on the Home page. 

3) Click on Link Bank Account. 

4) Select your mobile banking-enabled bank account from the list. 

5) Insert your bank account number. 

6) A mobile banking Login portal will open. Here, enter your mobile number and password. Then, click on login. 

7) You will receive an OTP. Once you enter the OTP, your bank account is linked to your esewa account. 

How to load eSewa from your bank account? 

After linking your bank account to esewa, you can now load eSewa as follows: 

  1. Click on Load Money. 
  2. Select your linked bank account and click on load. 
  3. Enter the amount to be loaded and remarks. Then, click on proceed. 
  4. If the information you just gave is accurate then, simply click on Load fund. Insert MPIN or use your Fingerprint to complete the transaction. 

How to transfer money from eSewa to your bank account? 

After linking your bank account to your eSewa account, you can now transfer money from eSewa to their bank account. You can add your bank account to saved accounts to withdraw money free of cost. Here are the steps: 

  1. Log in to eSewa using the eSewa app or browser. 
  2. Click on Bank Transfer. 
  3. Click on the add bank account. 
  4. Enter the asked details and click on Save. 
  5. After saving the bank account, select the saved bank account. 
  6. Enter transaction amount, remarks and click on proceed. 
  7. Use MPIN or Fingerprint to complete the transaction. 

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Things to remember while linking a bank account to eSewa 

If you follow the above steps, you can easily connect your bank account with your eSewa wallet but, there are some things you should remember while linking your bank account to eSewa. They are as follows: 

  1. Your eSewa account should be a verified account. 
  2. The mobile number used for mobile banking and in eSewa should be the same. 
  3. In case the numbers are different, you can save that number as a secondary ID in eSewa. 
  4. The bank you are linking to should be in the list of banks in eSewa. 
  5. You should enable mobile banking or internet banking to your bank account. 
  6. Bank withdrawal service has transaction limitations. If the transaction count or transaction amount exceeds, the transactions will be charged. 

In this article, you learned how to link bank accounts to your eSewa account, how to load esewa using a bank account, and how to transfer money from eSewa to a bank account. You can apply the above instruction in the eSewa mobile app as well as browser. If you have any queries, you can write them down in the comment section below. 

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