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Muktinath Cable Car project DPR submitted to the Nepal Investment Board

Muktinath Darshan Pvt. Ltd. which is constructing Muktinath Cable Car, the world’s longest ropeway project submitted its updated Detailed Project Report (DPR) to the Nepal Investment Board (NIB) on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. As per the report, the project that will connect Pokhara with the holy Muktinath temple will require a budget of Rs 55.18 billion. The company has already acquired a Rs 44 billion investment from India’s Hyderabad-based K & R Engineering Limited. On the same day, Muktinath also turned in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report to the NIB.

A few months back, Muktinath Darshan Pvt. Ltd. reached an agreement with K&K Engineering for the major investment. The agreement papers were signed by Muktinath Darshan Pvt. Ltd.’s Managing Operator Shreedhar Sapkota, and K&R Engineering’s Chairman Kur Prabir Karla. The Indian company will take part in this project as per the Engineering Procurement Construction and Financing (EPCF) model. Muktinath Darshan’s Secretary Sumitra Pandey confirmed the investment deal.

Muktinath Cable Car project
Deal reached for Muktinath Cable Car project’s financing worth Rs 44 billion

Muktinath Cable Car is Nepal’s historically large and ambitious pride project. The government had announced a plan for the transport system years ago in its federal budget.

As it stands, K&L Engineering will now invest 80% of the financing into this mega project. The remaining will come from other sections- 2% from people affected by the construction of the project, 7% from the public, and 11% from the founding company’s own capital.

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Muktinath Cable Car Project has some eye-catching details

776 gondolas have been proposed for the 80.15-kilometer ropeway system that connects Birethati, Kaski with Muktinath. The cable car will operate at an altitude ranging from 1,000 meters to 3,700 meters. Every station will have a resort.

The first station of the Muktinath Cable Car will be at Birethati then at Ghorepani at a distance of 13.31 kilometers. The third station Ghorepani-Tatopani will stretch 12.73 kilometers, and the fourth will run Tatopani-Lete 16.44 kilometers.

The fifth station will run Lete-Jomsom covering 23.92 kilometers in between. The Jomsom-Kagbeni, the sixth station will be 8.24 kilometers long. The seventh station Kagbeni-Ranipauwa will run 9 kilometers.

Muktinath Cable Car stations

It’s projected that over 36 lakh people will travel by the historical transport system annually. The entire project will consume 13 MW of electricity.

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Muktinath Cable Car stations

Below is the complete list of Muktinath Cable Car stations starting from Birethati, Kaski.

StationsMuktinath cable car stationsDistance
1stBirethati, Kaski
2ndBirethati- Ghorepani13.31 km
3rdGhorepani – Tatopani12.73 km
4thTatopati –  Lete16.44 km
5thLete – Jomsom23.92 km
6thJomsom – Kagbeni8.24 km
7thKagbeni – Ranipauwa9 km

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Progress so far

The project’s Detail Project Report (DPR) was submitted two years ago on 2021 November, 01 but the newly submitted report is updated with more details. So far, 90% of land procurement for the construction of the project has proceeded. Soon, an agreement will be reached between the National Investment Board and Muktinath Darshan Pvt. Ltd.

Muktinath Cable Car will have a total of 19 stations from top to bottom. In 8 of those, passengers will have to get off, at 5 it will be an option while at 11, there will be accommodation service.

Muktinath Cable Car FAQs

Here are the major facts or FAQs about the Muktinath Cable Car.

What is the total distance of Muktinath Cable Car?

The Muktinath Cable Car will cover a total distance of 80.15 kilometers.

What is the starting station of the Muktinath Cable Car?

The Muktinath Cable Car starting station will be at Birethati, Kaski.

What is the cost of the Muktinath Cable Car?

Muktinath Cable Car will be built at the cost of Rs 55.18 billion.

Which company is constructing the Muktinath Cable Car?

Muktinath Darshan Pvt. Ltd. is constructing the Muktinath Cable Car.

What districts will Muktinath Cable Car connect?

The Muktinath Cable Car will connect Birethati, Kaski with the holy Muktinath temple.

How many gondolas will the Muktinath Cable Car have?

The Muktinath Cable Car will comprise 776 gondolas in total.

How many stations will the Muktinath Cable Car have?

Muktinath Cable Car will have 19 stations in total (bottom to top).

What’s the altitude of the Muktinath Cable Car?

The Muktinath Cable Car will operate at an altitude of 1,000m to 3700m.

How many people will benefit from Muktinath Cable Car?

About 36 lakh people are expected to travel by the Muktinath Cable Car.

Who owns the Muktinath Cable Car project?

“K and R Engineering” will have 80% of the share in the Muktinath Cable Car project. 11% will be owned by the founding institution, 7% shares will be entitled to the public, and 2% shares will be allotted to the project-affected local residents.

When will Muktinath Cable Car be ready?

Muktinath Cable Car will be completed in four years from the year of its construction perhaps around 2085 BS.

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