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27 Years Old Binay Khadka Appointed The New CEO of Khalti

Binay Khadka has been appointed the new CEO of Khalti. as the CEO. At 27 years old, Khadka has become the youngest CEO of the Fintech Industry in Nepal.

Khalti’s new CEO Binay Khadka is a seasoned professional with experience of years in his portfolio. He has a profile of experience in leading roles before taking the helm at Khalti. In his new challenge, the incumbent CEO Khakda will be working with Khalti’s management committee to build on the company’s priority of Financial and Data Security programs.

Expressing his passion for the role, the new CEO of Khalti, Khadka said, “I want to take this industry beyond payment tools, turning it into a personal financial management platform with added value and convenience.”

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Co-founders Sharing Their Delight At The Appointment Of The New CEO Of Khalti

On the appointment of its new CEO, all the Co-founders and the Board of Directors of Khalti shared their excitement via their social media profile.

Amit Agrawal, one of Khalti’s co-founders said, “Khalti has been a young, trendy & innovative brand. We have crossed 230 people in size with an average age being 27. We are confident that, with a new leader in Khalti, it will take new heights. The entire Khalti family is looking forward to working under his guidance.”

Another co-founder and the BOD, Manish Modi was equally delighted. Expressing his enthusiasm over the appointment of the 27 years old, he said, “I am sure that Khalti will reach bigger heights in the youth leadership. I, along with my co-founders, will work even harder along with the team to bring financial revolution in the country.”

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Khadka to lead the 230+ members team for Mission Digital

Dhruba Adhikari, another co-founder & BOD shared his own insights on the company’s new incumbent. He said, “It is time that we take one step behind and two steps ahead. We have raised our beliefs and aspirations even more than what we have had in these past few years.

Mr. Binay Khadka has joined as the CEO for Khalti and shall team up together with the 230+ aspiring team members and join their run for ‘Mission Digital’. I am immensely pleased to welcome him to the team with confidence that we shall grow to reach more mobiles and smiles.”

Meanwhile, Arvind Sah stated, “With the thought of providing financial literacy and enabling the reach of digital payment, Congratulations to us (Khalti) for getting such a talented CEO. Along with that, well wishes to Mr. Binay Khadka for this responsibility and mission of creating a financially literate society. We request for everyone’s support in this mission.”

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Khalti’s new CEO Binay Khadka’s appointment was well received by the ICT communities in the country. Social media congratulated him upon becoming the youngest CEO in Fintech in Nepal and expect it to inspire many other aspirants in the future.

Khalti is one of the largest Payment Gateway in Nepal. Over 1.9 million users are actively taking benefits from Khalti’s online payment system. With Khalti, the users can pay for their utility bills, pay their internet charges, insurance premiums, book domestic flight tickets among many other services.

To access the services of Khalti, you can download and install the mobile application or visit its official portal here.

Download Khalti: Android | iOS

How often do you use Khalti? How convenient do you rate these services compared to other digital wallets? You can leave your comments below.

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