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Vote Your Favorite Contestants On The Voice Kids Nepal With Khalti

The partnership of The Voice Kids Nepal with Khalti will allow the digital wallet users to vote for their favorite contestants of the popular singing-reality show more easily.

Khalti, Nepal’s prominent PSP has partnered with The Voice Kids Nepal as the program’s official Exclusive Voting Partner.

The Voice Kids Nepal has been entertaining Nepali TV viewers since airing on Kartik 26 on Himalaya TV. The singing competition features youngsters entertaining the audience with their singing talents. The fact that the show has popular singers Pramod Kharel, Raju Lama, Prabisha Adhikari, and Milan Newar in its judges’ panel has furthered its appeal to Nepali households for their prime-time entertainment.

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What Has Been Said of The Partnership of Voice Kids Nepal With Khalti

About this partnership, Co-founder and Director of Khalti, Mr. Amit Agrawal said, “We are excited to partner with Himalayan TV and The Voice Kids Nepal for the first-ever edition of the show. It is a great platform to showcase the immense talent our country has and at the same time it gives us an opportunity to celebrate the amazing musical culture and heritage of Nepal.”

The Voice is an internationally acclaimed singing competition franchise. It is running its third installment in Nepal. Its first-ever episode was broadcast in 2018 as The Voice Nepal and has grown its fan base ever since. Presently, the show has remodeled itself as the Kids’ series.

The singing reality show is airing on Himalayan TV every Friday and Saturday at 8 PM. The show has entered its Blind Auditions Round, followed by the Battle Round next. The voting will begin to all once the Live Round begins. Khalti users can use the app to vote for their favorite contestant.

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The Voice’s partnership with Khalti will give an easy alternative to Nepali fans of the singing show to vote for their favorite contestants. Khalti is a popular digital wallet in Nepal with more than 1.9 million active users. Therefore, it is likely that anyone wishes to vote for the voice’s contestant, the Khalti will be their best gateway.

How many votes will you contributor to your favorite contestant on The Voice Kids Nepal with Khalti? Do share with others in the comments below.

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