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Fonepay launches Voice Notification for easier payment confirmation

Nepal’s leading payment system operator (PSO) Fonepay has launched a voice notification service (also known as audio notification) on mobile phones. The feature enables merchants to receive and confirm business transactions via voice notifications on the Fonepay Business App.

The service lets merchants verify payment for their service delivery which brings convenience and comfort to the businesses with payment. With this service turned on, merchants get an SMS and a voice notification confirming the payment. The service is free of cost and is available on the Fonepay Business App.

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What is Fonepay Voice Notification?

The voice Notification service by Fonepay is its latest innovation which allows merchants to easily authenticate their business transactions. Available through the Fonepay Business App, the service allows merchants and businesses to manage their digital payments on one platform. In simple terms, it makes business transactions clearer, and more transparent, as well as efficient.

Once payment is done, merchants and customers won’t have to rely on an SMS notification for the confirmation of the payment. The voice notification does the job of saving time and concern for both the merchants and customers.

To acquire the service and benefit from this revolutionary voice notification system, merchants need to download the Fonepay Business App or update the app to its latest version and turn on the Voice Notification option in the Notification Settings.  

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Diwas Kumar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fonepay expressed his delight with the launch of the company’s new innovation. He said, “We understand the challenges faced by merchants in today’s business environment. With these mobile phone-centric innovations, we are confident that our network partner institutions can empower their merchants with greater flexibility and redefine the QR code-based payment acceptance experience”

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How to activate Fonepay Voice Notification?

Here are the steps to activate Fonepay Voice Notification on our mobile phone:

  1. Download the Fonepay Business App
  2. Go to the home page and Profile
  3. Tap on Notification
  4. Turn on Voice Notification

Voice Notification is what every digital payment transaction needs right now

In the hectic business environment, everything runs fast, and people tend to have less time and patience to wait for anything including waiting for the confirmation of a digital transaction. Mobile payment through digital payment wallets or mobile banking apps has certainly elevated customers’ habits with payment. It’s fast, seamless, and reliable.

However, everyone would agree that the need to confirm the payment before being able to leave a business place is a real inconvenience. It’s one of the areas in the digital payment landscape that has hurt the user experience. But thankfully, there are solutions emerging in leaps and bounds.

Fonepay Voice Notification available through the Fonepay Business App lets users keep tabs on their business operations while eradicating the need to continuously check on their mobile phones for payment notifications and even keep waiting for an SMS notification to arrive.

Fonepay says that its Voice Notification feature provides real-time transaction notification in clear and audible voice alerts and ensures that the merchants never miss transaction updates.

Fonepay is Nepal’s leading PSO with over 80% market share. It’s integrated within various leading digital wallets and mobile banking apps and boasts a behemoth exposure which means the voice notification feature will reach almost everyone who uses a mobile payment gateway or a mobile wallet.

What do you think of the Fonepay Voice Notification feature? Would it be a great value addition to F1soft International’s fintech brand? Do share your opinion in the comment section below or you can also reach out to us on our Facebook handle.

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