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Fonepoints, and Fonepay reach an agreement for loyalty management

Fonepoints and Fonepay have reached an agreement for a loyalty management program. The two entities recently signed an MoU in Kathmandu. Fonepoints is a recently launched vertical of F1Soft Group dedicated to operating and managing companies’ loyalty and reward programs.

The Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of Fonepoints and Fonepay, Sagar Paudel and Diwas Sapkota respectively signed the agreement papers. The collaboration has already begun from Magh 10.

Fonepoints and Fonepay cooperation for reward and loyalty management

As per the agreement, Fonepay will now play a role in loyalty management for Fonepoints’ ecosystem. Essentially, Foepoints will provide a holistic range of services to Fonepay users on operation, management, and loyalty points.

At the signing ceremony, Fonepay CEO Diwas Sapkota said, “We are looking forward to marching together with our partner Fonepoints for loyalty management. We believe that this operation will greatly help in elevating customers’ satisfaction level with our services.”

It is expected that the Fonepoints and Fonepay will redefine the future of loyalty management programs in the industry. Both companies said that they are committed to innovation, maximizing customers’ satisfaction, and being each other’s strategic partners to increase their business ecosystem.

Fonepoints has also signed an agreement with eSewa and is already growing its clout in the industry. Fonepay is Nepal’s leading payment system operator (PSO) with over 80% market share while fonepoints is a growing offshoot of F1Soft so the cooperation will create a synergistic dynamism for their operation

Both Fonepoints and Fonepay are owned and operated by F1Soft, a leading fintech firm in Nepal.  

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