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F1soft Group launches ‘Fonepoints’, a gamechanger in loyalty scheme in Nepal

F1soft Group, Nepal’s leading fintech giant has launched a vertical called “Fonepoints”, which is a loyalty platform that the parent company says will revolutionize the concept of reward system in Nepal’s online transaction landscape.

The company says that Fonepoints will be a significant evolution in rewards and loyalty programs in the industry.

F1soft Group launched Fonepoints on January 10th, 2024

What is Fonepoints?

Fonepoints is a loyalty scheme operator that facilitates the administration, management, and redemption of loyalty points and rewards.

F1soft says that Fonepoints will redefine the way users earn and redeem the incentives. The program will incorporate seamlessly into users’ everyday transactions allowing them to reap the benefits of the innovative reward system.  

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What Fonepoints does? Fonepoints Benefits

Being a reward and loyalty program, Fonepoints enables businesses to let their customers earn points on every purchase, referral, or engagement and redeem them for a wide variety of rewards. F1soft wants to render rewards as not just an incentive but an organic loyalty program for businesses.

As users process digital transactions, they will unlock and benefit from a huge range of rewards offered by Fonepoints. The program will enhance a sense of appreciation and loyalty towards both the platform and participating businesses.

Speaking on the Fonepoints launch, Sagar Paudel, Fonepoints’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said, “We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Fonepoints. Our mission is to make every transaction rewarding and enjoyable for everyone involved – customers, merchants, and partners. Fonepoints is not just a loyalty platform; it’s a transformative solution designed to empower businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape.”

Do you think that this vertical of F1soft Group will amount to an industry-disrupting platform? Do offer your input in our comment section below.

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