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Buy Google Ad credit on Khalti to promote your businesses online

Khalti has launched a top-up feature for Google advertisement payment for Nepali users. The feature allows business runners to top-up Google Ad credit from Khalti and promote their businesses more efficiently. Let’s learn more.

Khalti brought the Buy Google Ad credit from Khalti in collaboration with Tele Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. You should very well care about it if you run businesses online and want a more straightforward solution to pay for Google ads. Well, promoting businesses through the Google platform is one crucial way to prop up customer attraction and buyers for products and services. Many Nepalese these days use social media and Google to advertise their products on the internet. However, when it comes to paying for Google ads, it becomes kind of a hassle. Many resort to third parties for transactions. But no more.

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If you are thinking of or already run ads on Google and YouTube to draw attention to your business and improve sales, then you must have felt a few inconveniences regarding the payment for Google ads. You have stellar content and product, but the lack of an easier payment channel poses an impediment to you. Thankfully, Khalti has come to the rescue.

With Tele Digital Services, Khalti has launched the “Buy Google Ad credit from Khalti”  making it easier for you to spend on ads to bring your businesses into a wider view. You can directly buy the top-up from the Khalti app.

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Khalti Google Ad credit packages cost

khalti has launched three tiers of packages for Google Ad credit with other payment criteria. Check them out below:

According to Khalti, you can buy Google Ad credit from $100 to $500. The transaction will require users to pay a withholding tax (reverse TDS) of 17.65%, and a digital tax of 2%. In addition, it involves an Account Management Fee and VAT of 13%.

Khalti Google Ad Credit$100$200$500
Total Payment (In Nepali Rs)Rs 19,485.10Rs 38,369.04Rs 94,419.69

For buying Google ad credit on Khalti, businesses will receive a TDS certificate, Digital Tax Certificate, and VAT invoice. Khalti says that its partner Tele Digital Services will provide these certificates to the participating Khalti users.

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How to buy Google Ad credit from the Khalti app

Here are the steps to buy Google ad credit from Khalti: Steps to buy Google Ad credit from Khalti

  • Open the Khalti mobile app, sign into it
  • Tap on popular service
  • Find and tap Google Ad credit
  • Choose the amount
  • Submit details
  • Proceed to pay to confirm the transaction.

If you were looking for the best option to pay for Google ads, this might as well be your default gateway. For more on this and other tech solutions, do leave a comment below.

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