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Mr. Beast’s team in Nepal for a ‘Secret Mission’

Mr. Beast is in Nepal! That’s the rumor that escalated on Monday, January 01. The idea of YouTube’s greatest hit Jimmy Donaldson being in the country had everyone speculating about his yet another gigantic gig. But all that is partly true. Here, we debunk whether YouTuber Mr. Beast is in Nepal and why.

To start out flatly, Mr. Beast was not in Nepal but his team.

Mr. Beast whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson shared that his team came to Nepal for a ‘Secret Mission’ through his YouTube video. While details have been kept from the surface, we might fancy one of those ridiculously grand-themed projects happening in Nepal. It might as well be that Mr. Beast’s team is in Nepal for research for one of the projects.

Mr. Beast starts his Secret Mission in Nepal

In a YouTube video, we see the iconic YouTuber reaching the base camp of Mount Everest by helicopter accompanied by his assistant Darren. He maintains that the reason to visit Nepal will be revealed in the new year 2024. But no official information has been shared yet. It’s likely that he is in Nepal for charity work.

Mr. Beast logo YouTube
Mr. Beast logo on YouTube

Abrupt visits of foreign high-profile figures bring awe to Nepali media space and the public. In June 2022 Chinese billionaire and philanthropist, Jack Ma visited Kathmandu which created a ripple.

Did you know?

Mr. Beast’s original name is Jimmy Donaldson who was born on May 07, 1998. He is the second-highest followed YouTuber with 224 million subscribers being only behind the Indian YouTube channel T-Series which is the country’s largest music label. Mr. Beast also has a Beast Philanthropy which has 25 million followers on the same video-sharing platform.

Through his charity works, Mr. Beast has raised $20,000,000 to plant 20,000,000 trees and has removed 30,000,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean. The numbers associated with his works are usually superlative including the viewers his videos garner.

Mr. Beast runs his philanthropic works in different countries which is a key reason why he has amassed such a large number of followers. Now, it seems the American YouTube is contemplating such a work in Nepal too.

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