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Budha Subba Digital to claim copyright to Pashupati Arati videos

Budha Subba Digital Pvt. Ltd. (BSD) has earned the copyright claim right to the video content involving the Ganga Arati and lighting up ceremonies. If you have seen one of those videos containing the same people boasting that they were involved, such future videos might face copyright issues from the leading music company.

Pashupati Area Development Trust and Budha Subba Digital recently issued a notice with a warning that videos containing the Arati ceremony at the Pashupatinath Temple will have the copyright of the latter. The notice particularly hinted at discouraging people from posting such videos to social media if done for commercial benefit. It’s notified that if such videos are posted, the users might face action as per the Copyright Act in Nepal.

The Information Officer of Pashupati Area Development Trust, Revatiraman Adhikari said that Budha Subba Digital has secured the render in the Pashupatinath area, and as mentioned in the contract, it can claim action on someone if they post Sandhya arati videos at the holy shrine on social media for commercial purposes.

It’s said that Budha Subba Digital earned the copyrights to Arati video content at Pashupatinath Temple for 1.6 lakh a month.

Adhikari said that the music company secured the tender video rights at Pashupatinath on Bhadra 6, 2080, and the contract enumerates the rights to the company. As per the agreement and the contract mentions how many rights will be given to that company. Now, it’s preparing to claim copyright on such videos posted on social media.

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Budha Subba Digital will claim copyright on videos that show photos, and videos and live videos containing arati at Pashupatinath temple. In the gist, the videos shall not be posted or spread for commercial intent.

Videos of naming ceremony (Nwaran), bratabandha won’t face scrutiny. Additionally, if such videos are posted online to boast users’ presence at the site, it won’t incur an issue with the company. However, if there is a hint of commercial intent, then the copyright claim will follow.  

The notice reads, “If it is known that the video content taken here is posted on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for commercial purposes, we would like to inform you that action will be taken under the Digital Copyright Act.”

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The spiritually satisfying videos showing arati at Pashupatinath by Bagmati River are getting hugely popular on social media. Increasingly, they are also commercialized by individuals and companies. Budha Subba Digital now seems bent on striking copyright claims to such videos which are posted with the purpose of financial benefits.

Things to know on arati videos at Pashupathinath

Do Arati videos at Pashupatinath have a copyright?

Yes, Budha Subba Digital (BSD) has the copyright to arati and lighting up ceremonies at Pashupatinath.

Can I post videos showing Arati in the Pashupatinath area?

Yes, you can post a video that shows Arati at Pashupatinath but not for commercial intent.

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