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Himalayan Times ready to issue IPO, General Meeting called for Poush 25

It’s becoming an almost standard practice for companies in Nepal to issue an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In line with this trend, Himalayan Times Media Entertainment and Tech Limited is also preparing for its IPO. The company has called for its General Meeting on Poush 25 to discuss the key matters.

In its general meeting, the company will place a proposal forward to issue its IPO. The meeting will take place at the company’s Registered Office starting at 4:00 pm. It was the Himalayan Times’ first-ever general meeting too.

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Himalayan Times calls for General Meeting to discuss IPO issuance

The parent company of the news outlet Himalayan Times said that the general meeting will be virtual. The same meeting will discuss the prospects of offering an IPO to the public. There will also be a discussion regarding the share distribution.

As with the norms, the general meeting will table the proposal for the election of the board, and discuss profit and loss from Fiscal Year FY 2079/80.

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Recently, Nepal Republic Media issued its IPO to bring the funds into the company. The move received notoriety due to the company’s recent fledgling finances. Himalayan Times has stepped onto the same path to inject capital into the company.

Another media company Kantipur Television has also applied to SEBON to issue its IPO worth Rs 75 million.

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