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Dish Home Provides the Cheapest Internet in Nepal!

With the need for connectivity growing more, many are asking what is the cheapest internet in Nepal. The curiosity also correlates to what’s the cheapest internet package in Nepal. Well, there seems to be an answer to that question. In a recent survey, it emerged that Dish Home FiberNet provides the cheapest internet package in Nepal. But how? For the internet freak Nepal, this could be an exceptional topic to dive in. We have the details. Keep reading.  

A survey was conducted to find out the price of internet packages from the top internet service providers (ISPs) in Nepal. Dish Home FiberNet, which is the subsidiary of Dish Media Network outpriced them all in providing the most affordable consumer-level internet service.

To narrow it down, the study focused on a 200 Mbps FTTH fiber internet package. And the cost was pitted against other ISPs on an annual basis with other parameters being set-up charges, sub-total, VAT (13%), and total invoice amount (the total amount a consumer would pay for an annual subscription).

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Dish Home provides the cheapest internet in Nepal

The study derived that Dish Home provides the most affordable home broadband internet in Nepal. If you are on a 200 Mbps package, that applies to you. The DTH/ISP won the title with its total cost of Rs 11,015 for an annual charge for the 200 Mbps package. That’s the charge a new customer will have to pay to get a Dish Home fiber internet for a 200 Mbps plan.

dish home provides the cheapest internet in nepal in 200 mbps pacakge segment in yearly subscription

Dish Home beat ranked 2nd Vianet in the study which charges Rs 12,703 for a yearly subscription of the same 200 Mbps internet package. Dish Home charges Rs 9,248 for the internet and Rs 500 for set-up which amounts to Rs 9,748. After the 13% VAT additional, the total yearly price for its 200 Mbps packages stands at Rs 11,015.

Cheapest Internet in Nepal

By comparison, a user would pay Rs 1,688 less for a Dish Home package in the said speed segment range from the second cheapest internet provider, Vianet. At 3rd stands WorldLink which charges Rs 15,238 for a new 200 Mbps plan. Classic Tech stood 4th with Rs 16,834 for the same package for 12 months. Check out: Vianet Launches Nepal’s First-Ever 2 Gbps Internet package based on XGS Fiber Technology

Things are going strong for Dish Home Fiber Net recently. The company started a fiber internet venture in 2020 AD and has accumulated an envious base across Nepal in around three years’ time. Lately, the ISP has become the second-largest company in Nepal in terms of customers. The company has 3 lakh, 17 thousand, and 31 unique users all Nepal.

Which internet package are you on currently and how much do you pay? Does the price equate to the performance? Do share how satisfied you are with your internet plan in the comments below.

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