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Top 5 ISPs in Nepal: Find Out Their Packages and Prices

There are currently more than 39 ISPs operating in Nepal in dispersed locations. Some have high penetration while others are attempting to break out. Here we will list the top 5 ISPs in Nepal with their signature services and prices for you. Scroll below to learn more in detail about the best internet service providers in Nepal.

According to Datareportal, the number of internet users has reached 10.78 MN in Nepal. From urban to rural areas, internet service has expanded over the last few years. As the Nepal government is pitching Digital Nepal Framework, internet access has become even more essential.

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Nepal Telecom

Nepal’s largest telecom provider Nepal Telecom is still the go-to ISP for many Nepalese to date. Its commitment towards cost-efficient internet services and yearning for the latest technologies for better quality service has been well received by Nepali internet users. The reason it is still among the top ISP is that in rural areas, Nepal Telecom is still the only good choice Nepalese could afford. It is acclaimed as the true cost-friendly ISP in Nepal for its aggressive pricing and offerings. It offers cellular, ADSL, and FTTH internet service depending on location.

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It has already expanded 4G coverage in 77 districts around the country while it is also initiating 5G testing in a near future. Its much-lauded Triple Play Service will enable customers to avail of TV, internet, and call service all over the same fiber cable. The service comes bundled with a TV. Check below to learn about Nepal Telecom FTTH’s tariffs.

Nepal Telecom Fiber Package and Validity1 month3 months12 months
15mbps Unlimited Internet + NTTV + FREE  Telephone1,2303,53013,220
NTTV + FREE Telephone4801,4405,760

WorldLink is the largest Internet and Network Service Provider in Nepal and the third-largest telecom company. Since its inception in 1995, the private company has grown to become the most subscribed ISP in Nepal. The silver jubilee company boasts a hefty 4,08,500 households connection and over 2.1 million users. The company keeps updating its offers on various occasions to please existing customers as well as add newer ones.

The ISP recently launched a hotly opinionated Tahalka offer which offers a 10 Mbps unlimited connection along with a TV connection. But the generous-sounding offer comes with some undesirable stipulations. The subscriber has to pay an annual fee of NRs. 12,088/- at once and the connection is limited to only three devices. The ISP has come out defending the policy calling it necessary to maintain optimum connectivity for internet users.

WorldLink has divided its internet service into three categories; Residential broadband, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Enterprise Solutions. However, its standard offer is residential broadband. Check the table below for its Tahalka offer as well as the regular residential package and its costs in the table below.

Worldlink Internet SpeedTahalka 10 Mbps30 Mbps40 Mbps60 Mbps
1 MonthNARs. 1,550/-Rs. 1,850/-Rs. 2,200/-
3 MonthsNARs. 4,500/-Rs. 5,450/-Rs. 6,450/-
12 MonthsRs 9,588Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 17,500/-Rs. 22,000/-
Worldlink internet package would offer one, two, and three NetTv services on 30, 40 and 60 Mbps connections respectively

Vianet Communications

Vianet has been another prominent ISP company in Nepal for a long time. Since its establishment in 1999, it has evolved into another reliable and affordable internet service provider for Nepalese. Currently, Vianet boasts around 7,00,000 users which makes it one of the competitors for quality internet service in the country.

Similar to WorldLink, Vianet also offers its users varied internet packages depending on their users and bandwidth requirements. There is Home Plan for normal users, SOHO Plan for small offices and homes, then a Corporate Plan for businesses that require higher bandwidth.

Vianet’s most popular HOme Plan package with its costs is below.

Vianet EXTRA Value TV+DurationPriceUltra-boost
25 Mbps1 monthNRs. 1,500/-1 GB
30 Mbps3 monthsNRs. 4,500/-3 GB
30 Mbps12 monthsNRs. 13,500/-15 GB

Like many other ISPs these days, Vianet also brings its internet service with ViaTV. The OTT and IPTV format is currently offering over 200 HD and standard resolution channels to its subscribers.

Among other top features is Vianet’s Ultraboost. It is a unique add-on service from Vianet. Ultraboost lets you boost your internet speed up to 100 Mbps and use the bandwidth you get as per your internet package. You can use this service when you need to watch videos or download heavy files regularly.

To acquire the service, you will have to log in to Vianet’s site and demand the service online.


Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2001. It provides Fiber Internet, Fiber Internet with Clear TV, and Clear TV as its IPTV solution. The prominent ISP has always stood up to the market demands and stayed afloat in quality service offerings.  To better its internet service, it has set up Nokia’s 100G optical network for ultra-fast broadband.

The ISP offers internet and TV service in three categories; Fiber Internet, Fiber Internet With Clear TV and Clear TV only. For a quick reminder below is the package list of Fiber Internet.

Subisu Fiber Internet Speed Price1 month3 months12 months
20 MbpsNRs. 1,400/-NRs. 4,050/-NRs. 13,200/-
35 MbpsNRs. 1,450/-NRs. 4,200/-NRs. 13,800/-
45 MbpsNRs. 1,550/-NRs. 4,500/-NRs. 15,000/-
Subisu internet packages listed are without Clear TV and costs are exclusive of taxes.

Subisu’s data cap is also relatively generous. For those on the Internet and Clear TV combo, there are different criteria for bandwidth throttle. Check the table below to learn about the FUP policy on the premium category.

Subscriptions30 Mbps40 Mbps60 Mbps
Bandwidth Allotted750 GB900 GB1300 GB
Fall Back7 Mbps10 Mbps12 Mbps

Subisu is also credited with being the first and the only cable internet service provider in the country and the only cable operator in Nepal to have ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certifications. It boasts a state-of-the-art call center and multiplatform system comprised of

  • Internet connection through various mediums such as cable, fiber, and wireless
  • Mobile TV Over-the-Top (IPTV) for TV experience in your smart devices over Wi-Fi
  • Digital TV subscription over the same cable

Classic Tech

Classic tech is another eminent ISP in Nepal. It is established in 2009. However, it was quickly leapfrogged many competitors and made a name for itself with its price schemes and offers. The ISP boasts a healthy 8% market share and has expanded its service-wide over the last years. It offers 30 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 60 Mbps packages on a 1, 3, 6, and 12 months basis for Home Plan. Check the below table for its prices.

Classic Tech Fiber Internet1 Months3 Months6 Months12 Months
30 MbpsNRs. 1,500/-NRs. 4,500/-NRs. 8,100/-NRs. 15,000/-
40 MbpsNRs. 1,850/-NRs. 5,448/-Nrs. 9,000/-NRs. 17,496/-
60 MbpsRs. 2,200/-Rs. 6,450/-Rs, 11,400/-NRs. 21,996/-

Apart from Home Plant it also offers a Vantage/SOHO Plan and Corporate Plan for those with varying nature of bandwidth demands.

Classic Tech has currently offered the Dhamakedaar scheme to contest with WorldLink and Vianet. Under the scheme, 20 Mbps internet is available at NRs. 799 monthly albeit the subscriber has to pay the full sum in advance.

The Internet has become a very important means of daily life for Nepalese. From teaching and learning to online business to entrepreneurs, the internet has become a valuable asset. Especially after the COVID-19 forced pandemic, internet use and subscribers have inflated. The number of smartphone users and internet users also aligns in tandem. Therefore, we expect internet use to further far more in the coming years.

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The competition between these ISPs certainly leads to better quality service for us all. The contest between them in price and packages will benefit the customers in the end. However, the government’s 13% VAT and other charges have been a stumbling block for internet consumption in Nepal. Subscribers are forced to pay huge amounts of bills as ISPs try to recoup their expenditures by charging the customers to keep their margins intact. The government and those ISP companies are at a continued discussion regarding tax exemption. We just hope that we will be able to access high-quality internet at a convenient price in a near future.

Tell us what do you think about the above-listed best ISPs in Nepal and their packages, offers.

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