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NEA To Implement E-Voting System In Its Upcoming Election.

Nepal Engineers Association (NEA) has decided to use an electronic voting system in its upcoming election for 33rd executives. NEA is going to held elections on 7 May 2021 to vote for central, provincial executives, and 5 members to represent in Nepal Engineering Council.

NEA is planning to conduct its election through Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for the first time in history. The notice regarding the procurement of the required equipment and service has also been published.

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NEA has requested to submit names of the companies who would like to provide E-voting service by April 13. NEA has also requested to provide a technical and financial proposal to organizations/companies who’d like to provide voting service.

Currently, the professional body is planning to implement E-voting at only one voting center. Since there would be 1 central and 13 provincial voting centers, E-voting would be held at the central voting center.

Since the center has the most voters and it would be easier for counting votes which is the main reason why the center is chosen over the provincial.

According to the NEA chairman Er. Tri Ratna Bajracharya, since the demo for E-voting, has been successful over testing multiple times, they are planning to shift towards E-voting.

Here is the demo for the voting method in the election:

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