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How To Apply For The Vacancy of Nepal Telecom 2079?

Here you will learn how you can apply for the job vacancy of Nepal Telecom (NTC) 2079 in easy steps.

Nepal telecom has announced vacancies for 73 employees in 13 different positions. The vacancy notice is announced for various posts ranging from technicians, and accounting officers to engineers.

The validity period for the latest vacancy will stay from 2079-Falgun-12 till 2079-Chaitra-02 with normal charges and till Chaitra-9 with a double charge for application.

This is your chance when NTC has called vacancies of such employees at once. Therefore, there will be a huge amount of interest and a number of applicants crowding the telco’s server.

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Interested candidates can visit the recruitment portal to apply online for their desired vacancy in Nepal telecom. Below is the table showing the posts and the number of employees Nepal Telecom is seeking through the vacancy.

SNNepal Telecom PositionNo of Vacancies
1Deputy Manager, Telecom1
2Senior Engineer, Telecom2
3Senior Accounting Officer1
4Telecom Engineer (Electronics and Communication)10
5Telecom Engineer (Computer)5
6Telecom Engineer (Electrical)3
7Civil Engineer1
8Assistant Accounting Officer4
9Assistant Administrative Officer3
10Assistant Business Officer4
13Junior Technician17
Vacancy of Nepal Telecom 2021/2078

There are different charges for different posts. Applicants can also choose to either apply in Open or inclusive competition as per Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited Employees Regulations, 2078 (including the first amendment).

Applicants can upload their citizenship, PP-sized photo, certificate of education qualification, etc. to be valid for the candidacy.

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Also, make sure that the age bar won’t affect your eligibility for the posts. Do check the qualifications required for the posts you want to apply for.

The employees who will be recruited in the above posts will be assigned to work in various directorates, departments, and offices outside the Kathmandu Valley.

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How To Apply For Vacancy of Nepal Telecom?

Applying for NTC’s vacancy will take some time. Prepare your documents beforehand to save time. Get your documents scanned and keep them in a folder easily accessible. While fillip up the data, make sure they match with your detail in the citizenship and other documents. Follow the steps below to apply for the vacancy at Nepal Telecom:

  • First, visit to open the login page
  • Click on Register, input your mail, and create a password. You will receive an OTP to proceed in your SMS or email address. Enter the OTP code and the login page opens. Use email as your ID and the password as your official password to log in to your profile
NTC job vacancy registration
  • Click on Profile Entry. Fill up your Profile, Family details, and Educational qualifications. Fill up Training, Experience, and Council if required by the post you are applying for.
  • If you are applying through Inclusive competition, go to the Privilege group and enter your details, upload documents, and Save them [This is not valid for the Female category]
  • Under Privilege group, enter your citizenship number for a Registration number, scan copy and upload your citizenship in Privilege certificate. [It applies to the privileged group listed by the Indigenous and nationalities Commission]
  • If you are entering Education more than once, click Add and Save and continue so
  • While entering your education qualification, ensure it meets the minimum qualification required by the post in the vacancy
  • If you are applying under the specially privileged [with disabilities] category, it is mandatory to go to Privilage group and upload a certificate for authentication.
  • After you complete your Profile entries, go to Vacancy Post, click on Post Select, and Apply for the post you are interested in. In case, the profile you created includes an error, you will receive the message. Follow the instruction, go to Profile, correct the detail, and Apply again.  
  • After you apply, you will proceed with payment. Click on Payment and select the digital wallet you prefer to pay for your examination charge. If you wish to pay at the Nepal Telecom counter, then print the page with the token number and the amount. You can pay the charges at Nepal Telecom’s nearest branch during office hours.
  • If you want to pay another day, log in and go to Applied Vacancy, click on View. Now, go to Payment and pay your exam fees.

This is how you can apply for the vacancy at Nepal Telecom. Make sure, you apply within the regular timeframe and fill up the correct details to avoid any delay or rejection of the application later. Good luck

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Nepal Telecom is seeking 73 employees at once and this could be the golden opportunity for many of you to realize the goal of joining public office. So, we urge our readers to hurry up and apply for their desired posts sooner than later and stay relieved.

We hope the steps listed above illustrate well enough to help you apply for NTC’s vacancy. If you have any queries, do leave a comment below.

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