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How to Activate International Roaming in NTC and Ncell

How to activate international roaming in NTC and Ncell, today’s article is all about this. Roaming is a useful service for those traveling abroad and wanting to use the same SIM. It enables you to connect calls and messages to your own SIM card even outside its country of origin. Let’s learn how to activate international roaming in NTC and Ncell.

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What is International Roaming?

International Roaming service allows a customer to access the mobile network while they are out of their home country. Suppose, you have a Nepal Telecom/Ncell SIM (with roaming service enabled), then your SIM will get connected to the available networks automatically. But do note, using the roaming service is expensive as compared to the call/data/SMS service used in the home country.

How to Activate International Roaming in NTC Prepaid

In order to activate international roaming in GSM Prepaid NTC SIM, you can go through the following steps;

  • Users can dial *1415# and select 7. Or else, directly dial *1415*7#.
  • Select number 2 for activating the international roaming service.
  • You can also activate India data Roaming for cheaper data rates if you’re traveling to India.
  • By the way, customers can also use the Nepal Telecom app to activate the roaming service.
  • Users can also dial 1498 in case of any errors or confusion.
How to Activate International Roaming in NTC
Activate International Roaming in NTC

How to Activate International Roaming in NTC Postpaid

For NTC postpaid numbers, the procedure is a bit different. Users need to visit the NTC office. In order to activate the service, you can follow these steps;

  • First, the user needs to visit the counters at the NTC office.
  • Then one needs to fill out a registration form for international roaming.
  • Now he/she needs to make a deposit of Rs 10,000 into your account.
  • Then, the international roaming service will be activated in your NTC Postpaid number.

In case one is abroad already, one can send an email to for inquiries and complaints regarding the service for both prepaid and postpaid numbers.

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NTC’s Roaming Data Packs for India

Nepal Telecom also provides a roaming data pack for India. To subscribe, one can dial *1415*7*2*3#.

NTC’s India Roaming Data PackTariff in Nepali Rupees
100MB (1 Day)Rs.125
500MB (7 Days)Rs.555
1024MB (30 Days)Rs.1125
NTC’s Roaming Data Pack for India

How to Activate International Roaming in Ncell

Talking about Ncell, international roaming is automatically activated by default on its numbers. But for India, Bangladesh, and China, one needs to activate it manually in order to use the service in those three countries. You can do this by following these steps;

  • Users can dial *17129*1# and select activation of roaming for India, China & Bangladesh. Activation doesn’t cost any charge and is free.
  • Any issues or complaints can be messaged to Ncell via sending a mail to
How to Activate International Roaming in Ncell
Activate International Roaming in Ncell

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Activate International Roaming Voice and Pack in Ncell

There is also a roaming voice and data pack by Ncell. You can subscribe to the service through the roaming voice pack via the following steps;

  • First, users need to dial *17129# and select the preferred voice packs (3 or 4).
  • One can choose between; the Daily Voice/SMS Pack and Weekly Voice/SMS Pack.

For roaming unlimited data pack, please go through the following steps;

  • Users can dial *17129# first.
  • And then select the Daily Data Pack option.
  • Tap on Activate Data Pack.
Ncell’s Roaming PackTariff in Nepali Rupees
Daily Unlimited Data Roaming PackRs.126.79 Per Day
Daily Voice & SMS PackRs.450
Weekly/Voice SMS PackRs.1250
Ncell’s Roaming Pack

So that was all about how to activate international roaming in NTC and Ncell. Well, the rise of multiple instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram providing free calls/texts with an internet connection has made roaming less popular. Communication has got super easy with an internet connection.

But, activation of roaming service is still relevant for people not wanting to miss any calls and texts on their phone number. It also becomes handy for places abroad having no WiFi connection. So, it is always a reliable option despite being an expensive service.

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So, what do you think about the international roaming service of NTC and Ncell? Have you activated and used the roaming service? Tell us your experience along with your opinions, and thoughts in the comment section below.

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