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How To Take Loan in NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell?

You know there is a Loan or Sapati feature on your network provider but you don’t know the steps to take it! Here in this post, we will list down the process to help you take a loan on NTC Ncell or on Smart Cell.

Ever run out of balance during an important call and there is no option of recharge? No internet connection for top-ups and no stores to buy a recharge card. Well, there is an option to take a loan on NTC Ncell, or smart cell if you use either of them. Loan or Sapati also called credit service, is an excellent feature for users who can resort to the loan amount in case they run out of main balance amidst a call.

Although the nature of the service is similar, all three telecom operators have variables on it. Furthermore, a lot of people are still not acquainted with the process of taking loans on their respective carriers. Here, we will familiarize you with the steps to take a loan or sapati on different networks. Keep reading.

Loan on NTC

Nepal Telecom started its credit service in 2018. Its GSM pre-paid SIM users can take up a loan even on zero balance.

Things You Should Know About Ntc loan Credit service

  • NTC allows loan amounts of up to NRs. 40.
  • The same amount will be deducted once the user recharges their mobile balance.
  • To take a loan again, you will have to clear up the previous loan amount.
  • To use the service, the SIM must be in use for at least three months.
  • To get the loan, your main balance must be less than Nrs. 5/-
  • You can’t transfer the loan amount. Check out How to transfer balance in Ntc, Ncell, and Smart Cell?
  • You can use the loan amount for voice calling and data packs.
  • The loan amount can be used to make calls to any other network

The good thing about NTC’s credit service is that it is free of any extra charges or taxes. Only the same amount of loan is deducted from the main balance once the user recharges the SIM.

How to Take Loan in NTC?

Taking a loan in NTC is fairly easy. It only requires a few basic steps. Check them below.

  1. To take the loan on NTC, go to Message and type ‘Start’ and it to 1477.
  2. To learn about the status of the loan for eg. the amount, type ‘Status’ and send it to 1477.
  3. You can also terminate the loan service. For this, you can type  ‘Stop and message it to 1477.

Another crucial feature of NTC is that the NTC Credit service allows the continuation of calls even when the NTC prepaid user runs out of balance.

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Loan on Ncell

Ncell is the second-largest telecom operator in Nepal. It started loan or credit services even before NTC. Taking credit for Ncell is not that difficult either. We will break down the process below but first:

Things to Know about Ncell Loan/Sapati/Credit Service

  • To take a loan on Ncell, your main balance must be below Nrs. 5/-.
  • You can take a loan of NRs. 40 or 1GB data for 3 days at Rs 49.
  • Ncell imposes a service charge on NRs. 2.48/- for the loan service.
  • You can use the loan amount on voice calls, texts, or data.
  • There is no expiry date on the loan amount.
  • You are eligible to take the loan only if your SIM is active for two or more months.
  • If your loan amount uses up, you can not take another loan unless you clear out the current loan.

How To Take Loan in Ncell?

Ncell offers both USSD dial and message methods to get a loan or credit service. Check below for the steps to take a loan with a Ncell SIM card.

By USSD Dialing Method

  • Go to dial and type *9988# and hit on call.
  • You will get options to choose your loan. Rs 40 and 1GB for 3 days at Rs 49.
  • Select the one as per your need.

By Message

  • Go to message and leave it blank then send the message to 9988.
  • You will have your loan service activated.

The loan amount is paid off when you recharge your main balance. However, if you transfer the main balance which is lower than the loan, the whole amount will be deducted and the remaining loan amount will again be drawn from your next recharge. So make sure that your first recharge after the loan amount will clear out the loan amount at once and also leave enough main balance for calls and texts.

If you do not pay off your loan amount you will still receive incoming calls but the SMS feature will not be functional. To restore the SMS service you will have to pay off the loan amount out of your main balance.

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Loan in Smart Cell

Nepal’s third-largest telecom service provider Smart Cell also has its own credit service. It introduced the loan service last year. Let’s learn about SmartCell’s credit below.

Things to Know About Smart Cell Loan/Sapati/Credit Service?

  • You will be eligible for Smart Cell loan service when the main balance goes below Nrs. 1/-.
  • The telecom charges Nrs. 1/- (including tax) paisa for each loan service.
  • The maximum loan amount available is Nrs. 40/-.
  • You can use the loan amount on Voice, text, and SMS services.

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How To Take Loan in Smart Cell?

Smart Cell offers loan service via USSD code. Here is the process to take a loan in a Smart Cell SIM card.

  1. First, go to dial pad and enter *129*10# and call.
  2. After this, the loan will be activated and the amount will be available on your Smart Cell SIM.

Frequently Asked Questions | Ntc, Ncell loan Code

How to take Loan/Sapati in Ntc?

To take a loan/Sapati in Ntc prepaid, you need to send a message “Start” to 1477.

How to take Loan/Sapati in Ncell?

To take loan in Ncell, you need to dial *9988# and select the option there.

What is the charge to take loan in Ntc?

There is no charge for taking loan in Ntc. It is completely free.

What is the charge to get loan in Ncell?

You will be charged Rs 2.48 (with tax) to get loan in Ncell.

Can I take Voice/data pack as Sapati in Ntc?

No, you cannot take voice or data pack as Sapati/loan in Ntc.

Can I take Voice or Data pack as Saapati in Ncell?

You can take data pack as Saapati in Ncell. Just dial *9988# and select the 1GB at Rs 49 for 3 days.

Can I transfer the loan taken to other numbers?

No you cannot transfer the taken loan amount to other numbers.

How many times I can take loan in Ntc and Ncell?

You can take a loan as many times as you want, but the earlier loan amount should be cleared for taking the next loan.

How do I pay for the loan taken?

The loan amount will be deducted when you recharge your mobile.

So that was it. These were some necessary information and steps relating to loan service on three major carriers of Nepal. By using this code, you can avail yourself of a loan and continue your discussion over voice calls, text, or surfing the internet.

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The loan service creates a bond between users and their carrier provider. The fact that users can take a loan amount to continue calling or surfing brings the warranty of peace of mind for many who are often on the go. They don’t have to worry about running out of balance as the loan service will let them continue their activities on the phone.

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We hope that this post was very helpful to help you to learn about taking a loan in Ntc, Ncell, and Smart Cell SIM cards have been very helpful for you. If you have any queries regarding the loan service, let us know in the comments section below.

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