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Useful NTC Numbers To Inquire About Different Services and Make Complaints

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has got several services which range from Fixed-line telephone to Wireless mobile (GSM, CDMA) to FTTH, ADSL, WiMAX, etc. You can use various numbers in order to get information by inquiry and also place a complaint about numerous services provided by Nepal Telecom.

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These numbers are made free to customers to make it easy to getting information about various services of NTC. Some of these useful numbers for inquiry in Ntc are:

  • 191: (Customer care service) You can dial this number to get information about the GSM, CDMA, and WIMAX service of Nepal Telecom. After dialing 191, you have to dial the number ‘1’ for GSM, ‘2’ for WIMAX, and ‘3’ for WiMAX. You can get information about these respective services and also register a complaint.
  • 197: You can dial 197 to know the telephone number of any organization/individual. After you specify the name, the telephone operator would provide you with the number through the telephone itself which needs to be noted down by you.
  • You can also get the landline number of desirable organizations/individuals through Along with the name, you could also search numbers through district name and address.
  • 198: You can dial 198 to register a complaint regarding various services of NTC. You can make an inquiry to repair various landline, ADSL, VSAT Telephone, FTTH, and lease line.
  • After you dial 198, you will get redirected to an automatic IVR system. You need to dial number ‘1’ for telephone complaint, number ‘2’ for ADSL complaint, number ‘3’ for VSAT complaint, number ‘4’ for FTTH complaint, and number ‘5’ for lease line. After that, you need to provide the number and then the company takes further steps to repair/address the problem.
  • 1498: You can dial 1498 in order to get information regarding mobile and WIMAX service. If you have any queries or complaints regarding these services, you can call this number.

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Except this, there are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms where you could get information regarding various services provided by Nepal Telecom.

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