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Nepal Telecom Codes: How To Know The Number Of NTC? And How To Do A Balance Transfer?

Nepal Telecom, the government owned telecom company has come a long way and provides various Telecom services from mobile to landline to internet and more. There are many codes in Nepal Telecom that you should know to subscribe several services and features. This post we are going to provide all the details about the Nepal Telecom codes.

Nepal Telecom Company was established on January 7, 2008 under the Companies Act 2053 BS. It came into existence as a company on April 1, 2061, i.e. April 14, 2004. In order to make the telecommunication sector open and competitive and to provide reliable services at reasonable prices throughout the kingdom by involving the private sector, the Nepal Telecommunication Corporation has been transformed into a company and the ownership of the then Government of Nepal has been reduced to Nepal Telecommunication Company Limited. The company is now known as ‘Nepal Telecom’ as per the decision of the first meeting of the Board of Directors to commercially introduce it as ‘Nepal Telecom’ after it was transformed into a company. V.S.

The establishment of the Magneto System in Kathmandu in 1970 is the beginning of telecommunication services in Nepal. Launched in a very limited area, this service is the first step in the expansion of telecommunication services. V.S. Trunk telephone service was introduced for the first time after the establishment of open wire line between Kathmandu and Raxaul in 1971. V.S.

The Telephone Head Office was established in 1991. V.S. After the establishment of a 25-line automatic telephone exchange in Kathmandu in 1992, local telephone service was launched in the country. Only from this should the telephone service be made available to the public.

In the time of Shri 3 Mohan Shamsher, B.Sc. In the year 2005, All India Radio was started in Nepal under the name of Mohan All India Radio. Its office was called the All India Radio Head Office. The service was launched in 2007 after the emergence of democracy with the installation of HF equipment in six major locations across the country.

In 2016, the then Telephone Head Office and All India Radio Head Office were merged in one place and the Department of Telecommunications was established under the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Communications.

Various codes for services and facilities of Nepal Telecom:

Here are the different codes in Nepal Telecom to activate services and facilities.

  • Dial *400 # to know the balance of the mobile.
  • Dial *9 # to know your mobile number.
  • Dial *922 # to find out own mobile number. (Use only the mobile number registered in your name).
  • To forward the call dial **21*98xxxxxxxx (the number you want to forward) #.
  • To cancel the call forward dial ##002 #.
  • To activate Call Waiting service dial *43#.
  • To cancel Call Waiting service dial #43#.
  • To start Friends and Family (FNF) service on mobile, first text FNFSUB * 98XXXXXXXX to 1415 and to add 4 more numbers, text FNFADD * 98XXXXXXXX to 1415.
  • To transfer balance from prepaid mobile to another number *422* SECURITYXXX Dial *Rs.
  • To get the Security Code of your mobile number, text SCODE
  • To get the PUK code, send PUK as SMS to 1415
  • To add ISD facility to postpaid mobile, dial #331*0000 # and to remove the facility dial *331* 0000 #.
  • To know new offer related to data pack and voice pack, dial *1415#.
  • To purchase data pack, dial *1415*10# And dial *1415*9# to purchase Voice Pack.
  • Dial *1415*55 # to know the remaining of the purchased data and voice pack.
  • To keep CRBT on mobile, dial *1455# and follow the instructions received or if you have CRBT Code, write SUB space CRBT Code and SMS to 1455. To remove CRBT on mobile, text UNSUB to 1455 or dial *1455 # and send *, then send 8 and finally 1 to confirm.
  • To activate the Namaste CREDIT Loan service send SMS as Start to 1477 and to stop the CREDIT service, text STOP to 1477
  • To activate Missed Call Alert (MCA) service, dial *1400# or SMS to 1400 by typing sub mca.
  • To stop Missed Call Alert (MCA) service, text unsub mca to 1400.
  • SMS CB * 065XXXXXX (Full TN) to 1415 to know the billing amount of landline telephone. Due Amount is the amount to be paid. Available Credit is the remaining amount to be called. SMS to 1415.
  • To know the balance of ADSL, write BL*NTADSL065XXXXXX (full telephone number) and send an SMS to 1415.

Similarly for Inquiry services, find the important numbers of Nepal Telecom as:

  • Call 197 for Nepal Telecom’s Number Inquiry Service.
  • Call 1498 for Nepal Telecom’s mobile customer service.
  • Call 198 for landline telephone maintenance.
  • To get information about various services of Nepal Telecom and to know the balance and remaining data, download and register NEPAL TELECOM (Official Application of Nepal Telecom) on mobile.
  • Download WOW TIMES application to watch television on mobile.
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