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Ntc Launches Namaste Wifi with Unlimited Internet Packages

Nepal Telecom (Ntc) has announced Namaste WiFi service with new attractive packages. The 4G LTE-based internet service now comes with unlimited data and unlimited data with voice for users with their corresponding needs.

The broadband wireless internet service aims at offering connectivity to people in areas where the telco’s fiber internet hasn’t reached. The service has become popular due to its affordability and portability. And this time, the state-owned telco has made it more feasible with a range of different packages. Additionally, buyers will also get a free 4G router (CPE device) for connection which they had to buy from outside till now.

How to get Ntc Namaste Wifi Internet?

To get the Ntc Namaste Wifi internet at your place, you need to

  • First, make sure that Ntc 4G is available at your place, do check it with your mobile and speed.
  • If the signal is consistent, do visit the Ntc counter with a Namaste Wifi form (or you can fill it out at Ntc office) and select a package of your choice (Unlimited data only or Unlimited data with voice).
  • Take the 4G router with you to your place and get the Wifi SSID, Password info from the Ntc personnel.

What do I get with Ntc Namaste WiFi?

Buyers of any package of the 4G LTE Namste WiFi get:

  • Free Ntc 4G SIM card
  • Broadband internet based on 4G
  • Dual-band router with battery backup
  • Voice telephone based on VoLTE
  • Unlimited internet

As stated, the service is ideal for users living in areas where (fixed-line) fiber internet is not available. Since it is based on Ntc 4G LTE, the internet speed is fast and reliable. Let’s find out the packages and prices in detail.

Ntc Namaste WiFi packages

There are two different packages launched with the Namaste WiFi service- Unlimited data only, and Unlimited data with voice. There are two Basic and premium packages in each category as well.

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Unlimited data only

The ‘Unlimited data only’ has two packages Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Premium plans. The Unlimited Basic plan costs Rs 5,999 for a new connection for the half-yearly deal and Rs 10,499 for a yearly deal. As for the renewal, the half-yearly cost is Rs 4,999. For an entire year, you need to spend Rs 9,499.

The Unlimited Premium likewise costs Rs 8,999 for a new connection for the half-yearly line and Rs 16,499 for an entire year. Likewise, the renewal costs Rs 7,999 and Rs 15,499 for half-yearly and yearly packages respectively.

Ntc Namaste WiFi Unlimited Packages 
(Unlimited Data Only)
New connection half-yearly CostNew connection yearly CostRenew Half-yearly CostRenew yearly Cost
Unlimited Basic (5Mbps)5,99910,4994,9999,499
Unlimited Premium (10Mbps)8,99916,4997,99915,499


The packages are also slapped with the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which means the performance of the network is throttled after the daily bandwidth volume is reached. It applies to all the packages with the service.

For the Unlimited Basic package, the telco provides 10 GB a day volume with speeds up to 5 Mbps. After the limit is reached, the internet speed is lowered to 1.5 Mbps which means you can continue browsing the internet albeit at a reduced speed.

For the Unlimited Premium package, 15 GB of data has been offered a day at up to 10 Mbps speed. However, after the FUP strikes, the speed falls to 2 Mbps.

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Unlimited data with voice

Similarly, there are two packages- Unlimited Basic with Voice and Unlimited Premium with a Voice which brings VoLTE voice calls and Ntc 4G internet. The former costs Rs 7,499 and Rs 19,499 for half-yearly and yearly packages respectively. Read: Nepal Telecom Launches VoLTE Service with HD Quality Voice

The renewals cost Rs 6,499 for 6 months and Rs 13,499 for a whole year. The Unlimited Premium with voice costs Rs 10,499 for a half-yearly package and Rs 19,499 for a whole year. The renewal charges are set for Rs 9,499 and Rs 18,499 for 6 months and 12 months respectively. With the voice service, you get 400 minutes on-net and 100 minutes off-net calls per month.

Ntc Namaste WiFi Unlimited Packages
(Unlimited Data with voice)
New connection half-yearly CostNew connection yearly CostRenew Half-yearly CostRenew yearly Cost
Unlimited basic with Voice7,49914,4996,49913,499
Unlimited Premium with Voice10,49919,4999,49918,499


The Unlimited basic with voice gets 10 GB a day of data with up to 5 Mbps speed while it comes to 1.5 Mbps after FUP applies. The Unlimited with Voice has a 15 GB daily data bandwidth volume for up to 10 Mbps speed which comes to 2 Mbps after the volume is exhausted.

Note: The package includes an add-on pack as well which includes 10 GB data up to 5 Mbps/10 Mbps for Rs 50 upon the consumption of 10 GB/15 GB data for 24 hours from the subscription time.

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Who gets the most benefit from the Ntc Namaste WiFi?

The Namaste WiFi service though is very appealing and is ideal for those who don’t have an option for fiber internet. If you can do away with FUP-applied unlimited packages, you can buy a package from this service. The benefit is you get high-speed internet of Ntc 4G, phone and you can connect many devices with the hotspot just like with any WiFi SSIDs.

For more information on the service, let us know below in the comments.

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