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NTC Group SMS Growing Popular, Send Messages to Thousands

Nepal Telecom (NTC)’s Group SMS service is growing popular within weeks since its launch. The service allows users to send a single message to up to ten thousand users. The operator launched the service just ahead of the General Election 2079.

Subscribers under an available offer can send a message at as low as just 50 paisa. Users can send a message to 2 thousand, 5 thousand, or 10 thousand unique mobile numbers. The bulk message can be sent at once or at several attempts.

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NTC Group SMS packs costs and details

The Group SMS pack that lets you send 2000 SMS costs Rs 1000. The pack is valid for 2 days. Similarly, there’s a pack that allows you to send 5 thousand SMS. This pack costs Rs 2500 and is valid for 5 days.

Ntc Group SMS

Customers with higher SMS demands can opt for the premium package that lets them send 10000 SMS in ten days. The pack comes at the cost of Rs 5000. The Group SMS service is an on-net service meaning that messages can be sent only from Ntc to Ntc within the cost and validity available.

Ntc Group SMS volumeCostValidity
2000 SMSRs 10002 days
5000 SMSRs 25005 days
10,000 SMSRs 500010 days

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To use the Ntc Group SMS service, you need to have a working NTC SIM card. the company says that subscribers must be careful and responsible for their choice of words and tone in the message.

To use the Ntc Group SMS service, go to, log in and buy the package. You need to upload the number of recipients of your SMS in a spreadsheet.

Ntc Nepal Telecom Group SMS portal

The ability to send SMS to thousands of users could be useful for corporate and business purposes. The telco launched the service before the election, so it could be a popular option to promote election campaigns as well.

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Are you considering using the service as well? Do comment below if you want to learn more about it.

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