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ANPR cameras to recognize number plates, Will be helpful in hit-and-run cases

Kathmandu Valley Police Office has installed an innovative technology called an automatic number plate recognition camera (ANPR) system. Deployed with the help of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the system will help minimize traffic-related crimes and nab the rule violators.  

ANPR is an advanced traffic monitoring system with a sharp “vision” that can not only recognize the vehicles’ number plates but also check up on what the drivers are doing while driving. The Kathmandu Valley Police expects the system to reduce the number of traffic rule violations ranging from overspeeding to other code breaches.

The system helps find out if the driver is wearing their seat belt, or if the driver is drinking or smoking or not. The eagle-eyed camera can see if the driver is talking on a phone too. After gathering these data, the system reads the number plate and sends all the information to the control room of Kathmandu Valley Police.

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ANPR in Kathmandu will help identify hit-and-run committers

Senior Superintendent of Police Dineshraj Mainali, the spokesperson of the Kathmandu Valley Police Office, said that if a vehicle is involved in a hit-and-run scenario, and if only its color is identified, then the camera will read the number plate and send it to the server. Then the coordination with the Transport Management will help identify the driver.

He added, “A human may lie but technology and proof reveal the truth. We have connected the system in Koteshwor ‘s Muni Bhairav, New Bus Park, and Maharajganj area”.

There are four number plate recognizing systems installed in Muni Bhairav, four in Maharajganj, and two in New Bus Park areas. The system can also capture the details from an embossed number plate.

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Number plate recognition camera in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is lending its hand in expanding the vehicle tracking system within the city. The Kathmandu Police expects other local bodies to follow suit. There is a plan to install 170 such advanced cameras in Kathmandu. As per the Kathmandu Police, it will install 10 Face-reading cameras, 10 number plate recognition cameras, and 150 AI-powered cameras with Synergy IT Solution Kathmandu.

Prior to the ANPR cameras, the police had great difficulty in identifying the violators, especially in hit-and-run cases. The traffic police have incorporated a number of innovative technologies such as Locomo Tech to track stolen motorbikes and use CCTV to nab rule violators.

The ANPR camera system will complement all the infrastructure put in place. If more of such plans work smoothly, traffic will be safe and sound for all.

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