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Traffic Police to Use Locomo Tech Track Stolen Motorbikes

Traffic Police in Kathmandu are set to use a GPS-powered technology “LOCOMO” which helps track and recover lost or stolen motorbikes. In the current condition when vehicle theft is a major concern in cities, this technology could be a major boon for both the owners and the authorities in discouraging motorbike thievery.

Suraj Singh Thakuri, the brand ambassador for LOCOMO said that the technology would play a role in curbing issues relating to theft, road safety, and women’s safety. The technology is backed by GPS and helps track vehicles remotely helping in tracking and recovering lost or stolen vehicles.

Earlier, the government allowed for LOCOMO’s implementation after two years of its technical testing in Nepal and the US. The technology has now been introduced in Nepal to contain motorbike theft and enhance road safety.

Anita Devkota, Work Department Chief at LOCOMO says that when motorbike owners need to park their vehicles, they can “smart lock” their vehicles using a mobile app which prevents it from starting and prevents theft, reports RSS. And in case, the vehicle gets stolen, it can be turned off and tracked on the app.

If an unknown individual tries to start a motorbike, cut the wire, or attempt to steal the sensor activates and feeds the information to the owner.

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LOCOMO anti-theft technology to minimize motorcycle stealing in Kathmandu

Currently, the software for the anti-theft LOCOMO tech has been installed at the main office of the Nepal Police and Metropolitan Traffic Police Division. From the offices, the authorities can check the route and the speed of a stolen vehicle which also helps in effectively mobilizing the personnel for its retrieval says Kuber Kadayat, Central Spokesman of Nepal Police.

LOCOMO’s Technology Chief Bikramman Singh says that after a vehicle owner updates the police about its location, only then the authority can process its tracking operation. He added that controlling theft and helping with social security are the prime objectives of the company. Check out: Pay Traffic Fines with a QR Scan in Kathmandu

For women’s safety, there is a Safety Net feature too aimed at security for nighttime scooter riders. The mobile app allows riders to share their route and location with their family members.

Equipped with international standard quality certification, LOCOMO technology can be embedded in any scooter, motorcycle, and taxi, the promoting company Sentinel Lab affirms.

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