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Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police using CCTV to nab rule violators

Traffic Police are using CCTV footage to keep rules violators in check. The ICT infrastructure has already helped process multiple cases this fiscal year 2079/80.

With the help of CCTV, traffic police have fined or punished 4 thousand 314 drivers on different violation charges. The figure is from Shrawan to date of the current FY 2079/80.

The CCTV control room at Kathmandu Valley Police Office feeds the information for its operation. Traffic police took action against 341 drivers in Shrawan, 680 in Bhadra, 482 in Ashoj, 366 in Kartik, 662 in Mangsir, 925 in Poush, 814 in Magh, and 44 in Falgun.

Rajendra Prasad Bhatt, the spokesperson of the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office and Senior Superintendent of Police, informed that the drivers who breach the rules and evade the traffic police have been brought into action with the help of technology. He added that including ICT infra in its operations has helped in traffic management and accident reduction.

The traffic police take action against the driver based on the location, time, vehicle number, type, and offense given by the traffic police.

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Kathmandu traffic police using CCTV

Based on the CCTV footage, the Khojatalas Branch of Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has been taking action against the drivers who are escaping after violating the traffic rules by calling the driver to the office after receiving details from the Traffic Management Office.

The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office is becoming more technology-friendly which will facilitate the agency with easier traffic management operations. Surveillance vehicles have also been monitoring traffic since 2075.

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