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Pay Traffic Fines with a QR Scan in Kathmandu

You can now pay traffic fines with a QR scan in Kathmandu. Kumari Bank and Metropolitan Traffic Police Office collaborated to initiate the mobile payment for commuters in the valley.

The Traffic Kathmandu traffic division unveiled the digital payment system at a ceremony this Thursday, April 28.  

Mobile payment will help make payments cashless and efficient. With the digital system, the traffic rule violators won’t have to bother with physical paper bills, as they can save time and pay off their fines over the air. More important, violators won’t have to visit banks and stay in queues to clear their charges.

For this, both the organizations have formed ‘QR Scan, Pay Fine and Withdraw Document service’.

At the inaugural program, Umeshraj Joshi, the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of the Metro Traffic Office said traffic rules violators can use QR on their mobile banking or digital wallet to pay fines. He added that a clearance paper will also be issued instantly.

Joshi added that new and modern technologies will be used for efficient traffic management. It will help commuters with convenient, easy, and time-saving services.

Likewise, Anish Tamrakar, Digital Banking Chief of Kumari Bank expressed his delight at the collaboration with the Metropolitan Traffic Police. He expected that digital payment will bring a feasible mode of payment for the public and the bank is committed to launching more such services in the future by improving digital infrastructures.

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How to Pay Traffic Fines with a QR Scan?

For this, you would need a smartphone with an internet connection. For more, check the details below.

  • The service is available at Kathmadnu Traffic Office’s counters at room no.5 and 6. You would need to visit the office to clear your traffic fines.
  • At the counter, you would see a Traffic Violation Record System (TVRS) installed on the monitor at the counter. There, a QR code is generated on the display to initiate the payment.
  • To make a payment, you will need to use your mobile banking app or a digital wallet. You need to scan the QR code on display that will perform your transaction.
  • Upon successful payment, the system will generate he clearance document and issue it to you immediately.

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The service is available in Kathmandu only for now. But the Kathmandu traffic office says the system will expand to other offices beyond the capital under its jurisdiction.

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