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Netflix Launches a Game Controller App for Gaming on TV

US streaming giant Netflix has launched a game controller app for TV gaming on App Store. Having entered the gaming scene, the company seeks to accentuate its clout in the industry with the latest product.

Netflix allows ad-free games on Android and iOS already. The Netflix Game Controller app will complement its TV gaming as it readies for an official launch.

Currently, Netflix has launched its Game Controller app on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads, and an Android rollout is expected in the near future.

The Netflix Game Controller app is a virtual gamepad, which allows users to play Netflix games on TV. The app is compatible with devices running iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 and later.

Apple outlines its purpose with the app in its detail:

“Coming soon to Netflix. Play games on your TV with the Netflix Game Controller. This Game Controller app pairs with your TV and allows you to play games on Netflix using your phone or mobile device.”

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Netflix propping up its gaming offering

Netflix entered the TV gaming scene in 2021 targeting smartphones. Over the years, the company’s ambition has been to reach broader audiences by providing the gaming experience ad-free and it’s not shy of making more investments. The company has recently launched new titles such as Laya’s Horizon, World of Goo Remastered, and Spooky Oxenfree II: Lost Signals.

The Netflix Game Controller app has been launched five months after Leanne Loombe, Netflix’s VP of External Games, teased the start of this very approach. But the US streamer is well aware of the cons of non-console gaming. Hardware limitations and lag/glitches could not just be frustrating but also a trade-off. Google Stadia calling it quits from the gaming scene reinforces the very shortcoming associated with cloud gaming.

Anyway, Netflix wants to make a broader user base and diversify its offerings. With its cloud gaming initiative, the company wants to grow its exposure in countries such as India where cloud gaming is potentially a thriving sphere.

Netflix gaming app is available in Nepal as well. Find the app for iOS here.

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