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Global IME Bank Launches QR Sound Box and LED Display for Payment Confirmation

Global IME Bank has launched a QR Sound Box feature which gives audio confirmation for successful QR payments. The private commercial bank introduced the service in collaboration with the IT company Smart QR which makes it easy for both merchants and users to confirm QR transactions thanks to a voice notification and a LED display.

With this service, customers of Global IME Bank confirm their payment made via QR scan on an LED board with a voice alert. This ends the need to wait for confirmation via message or a need to check the details on a mobile app.

Lately, various banks and financial institutions (BF/Is) have introduced similar services. Machhapuchchhre Bank launched the voice QR confirmation service first before NIC Asia Bank, Yarsa Tech and others joined the suit. It has become a current trend in Nepal that tends to end various inconveniences associated with QR payment.

Aiming at elevating the customer experience, the private commercial bank has been introducing various services contextual to the current technology and times.

Global IME Bank has its branches spread across 77 districts being the first commercial bank to achieve the feat in Nepal. Check out: Offer a Digital Bheti at Pashupatinath with the Global IME Bank QR Code

So far, the award-winning bank has 359 branch offices, 367 ATM outlets, 322 branchless banking centers, 64 extension and revenue collection centers, and 3 foreign representative offices totaling 1,100 service centers. Over 40 lakh customers are directly receiving services from the bank.

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