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Find out why Kathmandu Metro Traffic won’t accept driving license and Bluebook from the Nagarik App 

Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police Office has clarified that it won’t verify a driving license and bluebook from the Nagarik App. The stance was debated after its earlier announcement of not verifying the said documents from the multipurpose government app and now it has provided the reason why.

The traffic office says that the app is not able to provide all the required details for its process.

As per the Vehicles and Traffic Management Act 2049 Section 131, it is required for the owners to show the vehicle owner’s driving license and registration, and bluebook if a traffic inspector or police demands.

Article 164 1 (na) from the same section states that if caught driving without a driving license it is considered illegal and the same section’s Article 60 holds that if someone is found 5 times in the same situation (driving without a license), the driving license of the concerned person is suspended for 6 months.

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Kathmandu metro traffic office won’t accept driving license and bluebook on Nagarik App

The information about the driver’s license under suspension is not available from the Nagarik App, and in case of violation of the traffic rules, it is required that vehicle owners produce original physical documents in 24 hours. The traffic office says is not possible by just checking details on the Nagarik App. Check out: Renew Your Vehicle From Nagarik App

For this reason, the traffic police officer has said that owners must drive or ride with physical documents of their vehicles.

Do you think the authorities should improve the system rather than not accepting the online license and bluebook for traffic process? You can leave your opinion in the comments below.

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