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All Nepal traffic police will accept driving license on Nagarik App, but not for all situations

Traffic Police will now accept the driving license linked to the Nagarik App. In a statement released on Monday, October 30, the government app handle announced on Facebook that the digitally available driving license on the popular app will be recognized by the security agency as the original document. The news was received with a flare however, contrary to the initial excitements and assumptions, the extent of the acceptance of the electronic copy of the driving permit is limited. Here’s all you need to know.

In its notice, Nagarik App said that the driver’s license on the popular app will get recognition the same way as the original physical document. The notice also mentioned that the digital copy would be validly accepted during regular checking but hinted that that may not be the case during traffic rule violations.

It was also requested to all the driving license holders to link their license to the Nagarik App to enjoy this service.

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Kathmandu had been arguing that since the Nagarik App couldn’t provide thorough details, the driving license on it wouldn’t be accepted. It maintained that the Vehicles and Traffic Management Act 2049 Section 131, required the owners to show their driver’s license and registration, and bluebook if a traffic inspector or police demands. This new development, however, should cheer most but to an extent.

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Can I use my driving license on the Nagarik App for traffic police checking?

Yes, you can use your driving license linked on the Nagarik App during the traffic police checking for your verification, however, if you are being processed for any rule violation and face a prosecution, then the physical document must be submitted.

The traffic office will accept driving license on the Nagarik App but no decision on the Bluebook

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Kathmandu also released its statement to ensure that the public understands the extent of the driving licenses’ legitimacy for the traffic police on the Nagarik App.

Confirming the Nagarik App’s notice, the Division said that the driving license on the Nagarik app will only be accepted to see if the driver is licensed or not. However, during the traffic rule violation and prosecution processes, a physical copy will be required. No decision was made on the Bluebook’s fate though. Check out: Renew Your Vehicle From Nagarik App

Still a welcome move

Acceptance of the driving license on the Nagarik App has been one of the public’s long-sought demands. And despite the government being hesitant for long, finally, there’s been a positive decision. The idea of using digital services is also to turn from paper to paperless.

While there’s more to be expected on this, let’s hope that the driving license stored on the Nagarik App becomes valid for all situations shortly. For now, let’s thank the government for stirring and getting itself in the right direction.

You can easily add your driving license on the Nagarik App with the steps below:

  • Download and launch the Nagarik App.
  • Select language, proceed, and enter your phone number.
  • You get an OTP in the number. Enter it.
  • Enter your name and date of birth and choose your preferred ID (citizenship passport, voter’s card).
  • Enter the details asked and your Nagarik App registration is complete. You can use a PIN code and start using the app.
  • Now you get the option to add/link your driving license on the Nagarik App.
  • Tap on the Driving license option and provide the unique driving license number.
  • If the number is valid, then you have successfully added your driving license on the Nagarik App.

Nagarik App is available on both Android and iOS. You can also use the provided services from its web portal.

Do you think the authorities should improve the system rather than not accepting the online license and bluebook for the traffic process? You can leave your opinion in the comments below.

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