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Traffic Light Button at Babarmahal, Press and Cross the road

In the busty and busy roads of Kathmandu, crossing roads is more of a hassle for pedestrians. But things might get a little easier starting from Babarmahal, Kathmandu. Yes, you heard that right! Now you can cross the road by pressing the traffic light button at Babarmahal. Learn more about this in this article.

Traffic Light Button at Babarmahal

A traffic light button at Babarmahal has come into operation from 27th November 2023. Known as ‘Pelican Crossing‘, this new facility is entirely dedicated to pedestrians. Placed in front of the District Court of Kathmandu, people wanting to cross the roads can simply press the button. Then after two minutes, the light goes red, stopping the moving vehicles. And you can cross the road easily.

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As per the Metropolitan Traffic Advisor, Mr. Jagatman Shrestha, the traffic light button at Babarmahal is for group usage instead of individual usage. That means a group of people must be gathered to operate the light.

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Metropolitan Traffic Division to place traffic button lights in more areas

This cool tech will not be limited to Barbarmahal only. The Metropolitan Traffic Division, Kathmandu will place such traffic button lights in more than 36 school areas. This will help the students to cross the road safely during peak traffic hours.

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Is this the ultimate solution for a safe road crossing?

With the ever-growing traffic congestion and road accidents, creating a safer traffic space remains a major challenge. The capital city is witnessing more and more number of people migrating in its limited space, worsening the traffic scenario. Also, the existing old infrastructures and systems add more hurdles to the situation. So, the initiation of the traffic light button at Babarmahal is a green signal for road crossing safety.

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Adding more such buttons around the valley can mitigate road accidents by at least some margins. Along with that, the Metropolitan Traffic Division of Kathmandu needs to bring more effective solutions to tackle the existing problem.

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