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Durga Prasai’s interview with Bhusan Dahal got canceled on AP1 HD but aired on YouTube, find the link

The hotly-controversial pro-monarch mostly known as a medical entrepreneur Durga Prasai saw his latest interview with Bhusan Dahal cancelled just a few hours before it was supposed to air on AP1 HD Television. Bemused at the abrupt development, the renowned bRAVO dELTA TV show host Dahal expressed his disapproval in a Facebook post. However, the interview was later published on YouTube and we have the link down below.

The interview was slated for prime time at 09:00 PM on the national television AP1 HD but was pulled off the schedule. Dahal’s reaction was sarcastic. “Wow! Democracy” addressing the viewers, the “Kagbeni” director said, “For the first time in my television journey of 35 years, I have received information from AP1HD that the interview (with Durga Prasai) will not be broadcast citing the management,” he “regretfully” announced the news. However, the prominent media personality shared the YouTube channel name and the time the interview would go live.

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In the said interview, Prasai vents his frustration at the current political order and leaders and also openly expresses that he would lead a people’s movement to upset republicanism. Candid as ever, he alleges political figures (without naming and at times specifically naming) of embezzling state funds and also exercising unlawful authority.

You can find the interview’s link here. The video has been a huge hit on YouTube with 7.19 lakh views (at the time of writing this post) in just 24 hours.

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