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Renew your Bluebook on eSewa with free delivery: Find steps

Now, it’s possible to renew Bluebook on eSewa digital wallet as well as complete third-party insurance. Nepal’s prominent mobile payment service provider has brought this service letting users renew their vehicle’s Bluebook and perform third-party insurance from anywhere they want without having to visit the Transport Management Office.  

Bluebook renewal is available on the eSewa mobile app conveniently placed under the New Services section. Digital services have taken precedence in Nepal and digital wallets such as eSeaw are helping realize it better and faster. Another digital wallet service Khalti also provides online renewal.

In the absence of online services, vehicle owners physically present themselves at the Transport Management Office. But with the widely used eSewa wallet offering the service, a greater number of the public can avail of this convenience.  

Process of Vehicle Bluebook renewal on eSewa

Here are the steps for Bluebook renewal on eSewa:

  • Launch the eSewa mobile app
  • Scroll down to New Services
  • Find and tap on eSewa Bluebook Renewal Service
  • Fill out the details of your vehicle including the renewal Amount and third-party insurance amount
  • Tap on Proceed to request for the transaction to be completed.

Esewa says that after the above process is initiated by the users, their Bluebooks will be collected and delivered to their desired location within three days along with the stamp of the Transport Management Office and insurance policy. It’s a free pick up and free drop off from the company’s side. That means it has no additional costs attached.

However, for now, the service is only available in Kathmandu.

How convenient do you find being able to get your Bluebook renewed at your convenience on eSewa? Do share with us below in the comments.

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